Clustering in power constrained wireless mesh networks

The Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) is a collection of Mesh Routers (MR) and Mesh Clients (MC) which are organized in a mesh topology. Each device is directly connected to other devices in the same network and constitute what is called mesh topology. Wireless Mesh Network is a dynamic and Infrastructure less network. Due to its dynamic nature, it has many constraints like CPU, Battery, Mobility and Bandwidth. To efficiently manage some of those constraints in wireless mesh network, we use clustering technique. Clustering makes the network fast, more efficient and reliable. We will use Stable Election Protocol for clustering and to select a cluster head on the basis of battery power, the battery power is defined by the user. Only the cluster heads are allowed to connect and communicate with other nodes, which significantly reduces the extra computation on nodes in connection.

Journal published: Saraswat, K., Pandey, M., & Kumar, N. (2017). A stable election protocol for clustering in power constrained wireless mesh networks.International Journal Of Research And Engineering, 4(7), 206-208.

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