Cimc Container Rfid Tag Application Testing Has Been Completed-rfid, Tag – Security Business

tags Ministry of Science and Technology in assistance of projects, Ministry of Info Industry of electronic development fund projects, and concentrate on crucial locations of Guangdong and Hong Kong in Guangdong Province breakthrough project help, from the starting in 2003, CIMC Start off Sensible Security Container projects, study containers intelligence, details, and to accomplish a container of automatic identification, tracking, monitoring and management solutions to international terrorism, cargo safety, trade facilitation, and straightforward management of assets. Also participated in the Container RFID tag (ISO10374.two) and electronic customs seal (ISO18185) International Common The drafting of the formulation.

CIMC Container Development Container RFID tag for metal surface properties, making use of a particular structure design and style, implementation, under the container in the whole logistics chain, the different Environment And in case of successful reading and writing, in order to accomplish a container tag reading and writing for different occasions, to stay away from the require to adopt a lot more than ordinary flat container tag can we resolve the concern of numerous occasions to study and write.

07 three months, the joint CIMC Site visitors Division of Water Transport Investigation Institute, Chongqing Port Logistics Group Co., Ltd., and Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd. and 3 other units, the container tag Technologies Development and application of deep research and joint launch of Chongqing to Hong Kong? Shanghai Port Container RFID tag application testing project.

Yard and out by means of the port gate, yard inside the stacker crane, yard cranes forklifts inside the roof, inside the yard gantry crane, quay cranes, cranes on the arrangement of read-write device, the whole container logistics chain involved in collecting all the information points may possibly have been collecting equipment covered container logistics chain comprehensive solution to read and create gear installation and data collection problems. Forklifts and cranes, quay cranes to set up the reader device employing wireless information transmission module, reader and back-office systems to achieve the data communication among, the stockyard and port alignment challenging internal predicament of the RFID read Write a rapid and efficient layout of gear. CIMC developed by third-party Smart Container Public Details System VSmartChain technique, will be in a position to access to any container life cycle of data, which includes the factory, history, existing info.

For RFID tag applications in the containers, HC Security Network particular Expert Turning to the good bi, will feature the container RFID tags embedded in wise defender with the mixture of not only the container can automatically recognize the encoding, but also remote Monitor Container’s security status, so additional boost the safety performance of the container. As the international community the require for counter-terrorism strategy, the set of the innovative achievements of the conventional container sector has a new promotional worth and market place prospects, only the transformation of the current container intelligence, will type a enormous industry demand and services. Add a intelligent container for the typical safety function is the main solution of the important set of actions to upgrade their cooperation with the U.S. General Electric, to improve the tamper-resistant container functional style, properly lessen the container throughout transport, the possibility of illegally opened.