Cigar Guy: The Best Candidate for Little Business


As midterm elections draw near, many little company owners like myself are faced with daunting challenges that are affecting the future of the businesses we run. Rising taxes. Out of manage spending. Uncertainty over well being-care reform. We have some huge choices to make. We have to pick the appropriate individuals to represent our interests in Congress.

I’m not worried. That is due to the fact I’ve discovered my man. The one particular who, in my opinion, is most certified to represent my interests. And that man is Cigar Guy. (You who I’m speaking about appropriate? He became well-known when a photographer snapped a photo of him smoking a cigar even though watching Tiger Woods play golf.) Why am I wowed by him? Because when I vet Cigar Guy on vital inquiries that each and every organization owner need to ask their congressional candidates, he passes with flying colors. Hopefully the candidates you are contemplating are just as worthy.

To start off, has your candidate ever run a enterprise himself or had profit and loss duty? Cigar Guy might not be a company owner, but he has had significant management experience nonetheless. His operational efficiency in not just one particular, but two significant wars has won him the admiration of our most respected leaders. Not only that, he played a vital element in the management of our country’s productive space system. Has your candidate ever had that type of managerial expertise? You want to know if your congressman has truly been responsible for producing a profit for an organization. Since if he has, that implies he must know all about balancing a price range and matching expenditures with revenues.
Paying for Luxuries

An additional question: Could your candidate stop working right now and reside comfortably from his savings? Confident, Cigar Guy appreciates a little R&ampR like anybody else. He likes biking, golf, and travel. Even so, he needs to work challenging to afford these luxuries. He’s not 1 of those congressmen living off his trust fund or a giant World wide web stock portfolio. He’s a single of us.

Has your candidate ever had to fire any person? It takes an individual tough to make these choices. And Cigar Guy is difficult. Receiving rid of an employee is probably the toughest point a business owner or manager has to do. When we employ a person, it really is generally a important investment in time and income. We don’t take these choices lightly. These are people’s lives. Cigar Guy knows that firing an individual is not effortless. But he knows he can’t afford for 1 particular person to drag down the efforts of other individuals. Will your congressman be capable to make these sorts of hard decisions? Will he be capable to vote to cut spending on a plan, even if that signifies that some individuals will lose their funding or their jobs?

Ask your candidate about the last time a person didn’t pay him. Cigar Guy runs his own company. He knows what it’s like to collect money. Has your congressman ever had this experience? Does he know what it really is like to not be paid? Does he know the stress of collecting receivables to make next week’s verify run? Has he skilled the panic of not having a assured flow of money? Or has he collected a paycheck his complete life? A congressman who says he understands what tiny organization owners require has to recognize our struggle to gather money in the face of rising taxes and government regulations.
Within a Budget

If your congressman can’t afford to pay for some thing, does he just buy it anyway? Cigar Guy would not do this. He has lived by means of a war and domestic and international tragedies. He understands the worth of saving and paying only for what he can afford. I know a lot of organization owners who would really like to obtain a new piece of gear. Or refurbish their office space. Or scoop up that empty warehouse that just became obtainable down the street. But here’s the issue: They can’t afford it. They have just sufficient to operate their firms. Owners of lucrative companies are like Cigar Guy. They are prudent about the money they borrow. Your congressman must be, too.

Here’s one more query: If your congressman had been operating his personal enterprise, and the government presented a tax break to hire much more people, would he go out and employ far more men and women? Cigar Guy is as patriotic as anyone else. But even he would not employ a new employee unless he requirements that person to do some type of function that will produce income for him. The government doesn’t inform us when to hire. We make a decision. Of course, if there is a tax break obtainable at that moment, we’ll take it.

Finally, ask your congressman exactly where he buys his well being care. Cigar Guy cares deeply about how the expense of wellness care is affecting his loved ones. He’s concerned about how rising deficits are going to influence the future of his young close friends. Does your congressman care as considerably? Or is his household covered by the congressional strategy that’s funded up to 75 % by the government and includes perks not offered to most of us. Ask him if he’s ever paid for his employees’ overall health care. Ask him if he understands what it feels like to pay double-digit premium hikes every single year. Or how lousy it feels to reduce advantages and enhance what an employee has to spend just to keep profits intact. If he does not know what any of this is like, then don’t vote for him.

For me, Cigar Guy is the only candidate who understands these issues. He has the answers to the inquiries each and every tiny enterprise owner should be asking. What about your candidates?

Gene Marks, CPA, is the owner of the Marks Group, which sells client partnership, service, and economic management tools to modest and midsize firms. Marks is the author of 4 greatest-selli


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