Christmas Gift Suggestions For Gadget Lovers

tags I am going to let you into the secret as to why men turn into gadget lovers. It isn’t that they have not completely escaped their childhood. Nor is it that, magpie-like, they are drawn to every thing shiny or sparkling. No, gadget loving is all tied into the alpha-male, leader of the pack mentality which implies that the male with the most peacockish display receives all the consideration.

Watch a group of guys arriving at a pub and you will realize. Every single man, as he sits down, will location his mobile telephone squarely in front of him on the table. The scene resembles a poker table, which is specifically what it is. An opening gambit, designed to undermine an opponent, may be ‘Isn’t that the Motorola old hat that came out a couple of months ago. I hear there have been terrible difficulties with signal strength’. The game progresses with the elimination of players whose mobile phones are not up to snuff until a single player remains, the alpha gadget male of the group. In a recent game I observed, the unassailable opening took the type ‘Have you noticed my new mobile. It arrived direct from Nokia in Finland this morning. It is not getting launched in the UK for 10 days and they’ve let me have it in a colour which is reserved for the Japanese marketplace.’ The gadget lover’s equivalent of a royal flush!

So how do you method buying a Christmas gift for a gadget loving male, if you never share his in-depth understanding of the planet of gadgetry? Assuming that you don’t have an unlimited price range to play with, the point to search out is a gadget that is new, exciting and which, if it doesn’t hit the mark, you can laugh off as becoming something of a joke.

The hottest house this Christmas looks like its going be the Kymera Magic Wand, which is a universal remote control built to appear like a magician’s wand, or maybe a conductor’s baton. The marketing and advertising material is quite significantly aimed at the Hogwarts generation, with the user guide in the kind of a sorcerer’s manual. The firm has maybe missed a trick because the wand is ingenious, exciting and above all a practical replacement for the universal remote control which will appeal across the generations. The wand can be taught to manage any remote controlled device such as Tv, HiFi or lighting utilizing a range of wand movement which consist of taps, swishes and flicks. With thirteen defined wand gestures, you can replicate all the functionality of a standard remote handle although pretending to spot a spell on the subsequent door neighbour’s cat or conduct the opening of Beethoven’s Fifth. Fun, functionality and frivolity all rolled into 1 fantastic Christmas gift for a gadget lover.