Chongqing, Hit By 12 Tornadoes, 26 Men and women Died Damaged School – A Tornado – Education Sector

tags 6 days in components of Chongqing Municipality suffered powerful winds, hail, heavy rain and floods and Dianjiang, Liangping, Fuling, Pengshui other counties difficult-hit. As of 6, 10:30 am, the disaster in which 26 people had been killed and 152 injured.

According to preliminary statistics, the county emergency office, as of now, Dianjiang County, 19 deaths due to hurricane, injured 129 folks (like Shaping Zhen eight deaths, 71 injuries, Gui Town, 2 dead two injured individuals, Xinmin Town, 2 dead and 22 wounded, Cao back to the town killed two people injured seven individuals, four folks were injured Zhou Jia town killed 27 people, sand village Death 1), 1000 housing collapse, damaged 10,000, severely affected crops , power telecommunication facilities severely broken, with much more street energy outages, flooded numerous bridges, small bridges collapse phenomenon happens. County, nearly 1,000 trees broken damaged street lights

Advertisement Card number, is expected to far more than 20 million yuan loss.
Disaster occurred, the county celebration secretary Li Jin, County Road and related department heads went Shaping Zhen, Xinmin Town, Zhou Jia and other difficult-hit town of direct disaster relief, rescue the injured, comfort the bereaved family. And arranged for excavators, loaders and other gear along the fault clearance Yu Wu Road, big trees and billboards fall, easing visitors congestion. Cable fault repair the power sector has now resumed sending 8.

To six am right now, there are 3 Jiezhen Dianjiang County Heavy rain fell, the existing rains continue. DragonSoft will continue to report news

It is reported that Chongqing Dianjiang County, at 2 o’clock on the 6th from there about a powerful convective weather method, Shaping Zhen maximum wind 31.two m / sec. At :00 on the 6th to 6 pm Heavy rains in 3 townships in the county, county rainfall is 68.3 mm, sand rainfall is 63.two mm, 51 mm rainfall in the five hole, the other towns in basic in far more than 30 mm. Wind, hail, heavy rain led to the county several houses collapsed, the disaster killed 19 individuals had been killed and 127 injured.

In Liangping County of Chongqing Dianjiang close at 2 o’clock on the 6th or so, the county’s largest wind power back to Dragon 30 m / s, accompanied by hail disasters. Disasters six men and women had been killed and 25 injured. Chongqing Pengshui County at 1 o’clock on the 6th to 6 pm Some township there rainstorm approach, Han Jia maximum rainfall reached 137.eight mm town. Disasters tunnel north of the town of Han Jia, three Po, and so forth., there had been geological disasters.

It is understood that soon after the disaster, the CPC Central Committee, Celebration Secretary of Chongqing, Chongqing Mayor Bo Xilai and Anticipation immediately directed to promptly activate contingency plans to carry out rescue and relief perform, meticulously treat the injured, proper arrangements for disaster victims return to regular production and living order as soon as achievable.

Present, Chongqing Municipal Committee, Municipal Vice Mayor Ma is that it has led the city government office, the municipal government emergency response office, Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Municipal Wellness Bureau, the Agriculture Commission, Municipal Meteorological Bureau, the Municipal Land and Housing Bureau other departments and units accountable to the disaster location, organize and direct rescue and relief organizations in Chongqing Wellness Bureau rapidly rushed Dianjiang two ambulance teams, to carry out the wounded remedy Liangping work. Civil affairs departments have emergency relief to disaster dispatching 300 tents, 1000 blankets, emergency light 400.