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tags There have been 10 billion appliance industry, the enterprise, even though the hardware market, with annual sales of Guoyi even a handful of enterprises, the industry’s only properly-recognized trademarks in China – sophisticated with annual sales of no a lot more than 3 million It can be mentioned that the Chinese hardware market place is nonetheless in a rudderless era. In the hardware marketplace, the advertising of traditional warfare, we can constantly see the evening sky meteor flash, those moments of beautiful enough to make our domestic company neighborhood to see hope for the way out – that is, advertising and marketing personalization.
Character characteristics of China’s hardware market are as follows:
1, individual decoration is increasing, DIY only highlights the character and taste
It is understood that ahead of most of the house decoration decoration firm please lump sum can now personal up to 54.three% the proportion of the decoration, which reflect the consumers, property decoration is not only floor tiles, a mixture of wallpaper, but their character, taste embodiment of household atmosphere and develop the require of his own views.
2, non-professionals to grasp the obtain of building decoration materials, the correct to speak
Since the decoration is a individual costs, a single of the largest expenditures, though the majority of buyers are an outsider, but showing a expanding quantity of users (up to 91.2%) participate in and grasp the discourse of the right getting decision. Their obtain choice approach, despite the fact that it will make reference to other people’s views, but also according to their actual circumstance and the proper products to figure out the ultimate choice-producing.
3 the surface is to look at the top quality, in fact is to look at sensory
Consumers concerned about the concentrate of building materials merchandise in the product top quality (proportion 42.5%), the terms for such a skilled, non-specialists, and other people can only really feel of the recommendation ahead of picking excellent top quality products.
The second is the price (accounting for 27.three%), the face of buyers concerned about the price tag, in truth much more concerned with price-effective each one below investigation, and both are not open around that price tag, in big and medium cities, not the lowest selling price tag of the most Excellent, but a seemingly good quality was great, the price value of merchandise sell the ideal! In fact, their purchasing psychology is the exact same: they really feel greater quality and great worth for cash is their very best selection.
four, consumers do not care about the brand from the previous to the present concern about the brand step by step
63% of customers surveyed do not don’t forget the brand of utilised hardware items, 28% of customers think there is no use of brand merchandise. Customers also far from the formation of consumer awareness of the brand, but with the pursuit of consumer tastes and individuals to participate in the decoration in the course of the course of the concern about the quality and expense-effective, shoppers do not care about the brand transition from the starting to spend attention to brand developing supplies.
Integrated hardware marketplace is characterized by the above, to account for hardware market, a place, grasp the customer’s individual demands is an inevitable trend.