Chinese Drywall and How the Obama Administration Can Solve Wellness Troubles


It is truly interesting that in the last five years, we as American’s have had to endure all these Chinese Import scares. These scares have been toxic lead painted toys for our young children, tainted pet meals that affected our pets, tainted Chinese dietary supplements, toxic cosmetics, counterfeit medicines and recently, toxic Chinese Drywall. Just since we do organization with them does not exclude them from our own laws. I am quite curious when the one thing is going to be carried out about this. The Chinese Drywall seems to be making far more problems then the rest of the imports that are stopped at the borders.

The majority of the Chinese Drywall appears to be in the places that have higher humidity and heat. The bulk of these situations were constructed for the duration of the residence creating boom in between 2004 and 2007. There are a lot of these residences that are from the post Hurricane Katrina when creating supplies were in quick provide specifically in the New Orleans Area. It appears there was around 230,000 tons of Drywall that was imported from China for the duration of that time period. The hydrogen sulfide outgasses into the air of these houses. It is not life threatening, but it impacts the home owners living in these residences.

The contaminated drywall is affecting individuals with the following symptoms:

1. Sinus Irritation and Allergies
two. Sore Throats
3. Coughing and Wheezing
4. Headaches and Burning Eyes
five. Respiratory Problems such as Asthma

Due to poor Government Regulations regarding Chinese imports, it is a real problem for our citizens. The poor thing is, it can’t be repaired, only removed and replaced. It is high-priced to remove an complete property of drywall that smells like sulfur. Even though there are class action suits against some of the importing organizations such as Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin, Knauf Gips, and Taishan Gypsum, the property owners are facing financial ruin. It has caused a mini true estate crisis in an currently financially plagued genuine estate market.

In conclusion, Chinese Drywall is affecting American’s financially and well being wise due to poor Government Regulations concerning Chinese Imports. If the Obama Administration desires to support folks, these are the individuals to assist. Let’s put American’s back to perform ripping out this toxic material and replacing it with American manufactured US Gypsum Drywall. They need assist now with the ever growing difficulty that sees no end in sight. It is affecting their health and is producing them sick. If you feel that Chinese Drywall is generating you sick, get in touch with your Medical doctor right away.

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