China’s Urgent Require For Good Hardware Platform For Occasion Advertising


In 2008, a effectively-known international event marketing and advertising agency’s formal entry into China, said that ten years ago, the company’s parent firm has been investigating and organizing the China market, and services some brands. Now, because their clients really need to have more inventive activities, activities in China, the time is ripe, so they come to China.

Overview of the past two years and then look at China’s hardware organization advertising strategy, we uncover, brand packaging activities on the corporate brand and advertising and marketing channels to expand the part is enormous. Expo site, whether the activities of hardware advertising, evaluation of the general leading ten Chinese hardware packaging and promotion, or the Chinese hardware technology innovations driven by the General Assembly have demonstrated activity on the hardware company marketing and advertising role, but regrettably, so far, China Hardware business is not a very good activity platform.

From a customer point of view, the previous ad consumers will not to distinguish between good and bad advertising, as long as the marketing enterprise is excellent enterprise, but now becoming much more informed customers. Look at our brand, they started to use the star for outstanding endorsement, the use of erotic marketing, event advertising and marketing, to expand our brand awareness, collection and distribution center in the metal about the shop the open marketplace, with the very best decorated shop to promote the brand image of the degree … …

But these are insufficient to meet the branding wants of enterprise hardware, they desperately high specification, higher grade, higher content of brand marketing and advertising activities. Though the hardware business, there are some event advertising events, but the relative needs of enterprises, relative, such as household appliances, IT and other cutting-edge industries, it is fairly plain.

Activities, the significance of brand marketing on the hardware exactly where? We might want to use magazine advertising created a excellent analogy: Take magazines, the above picture is stunning, but the reader may possibly only be superficial, due to the fact they see magazine was supposed to look at other factors, not due to the fact Marketing and appear at magazines. And by way of activities, but can the image of a piece of paper into the participant’s life, it is an knowledge, Ta can stir the feelings inside, so ? their brand image Gengjiashenke, this can be Henduo way: I am nice picture, some thing that resonates for you, or a star, of course, they had to come connected with brand identity. This is why numerous activities to market the use of, and decrease the ad. Of course, the significance of marketing is that it is the basis of brand image, although the activity is on this basis, the idea of life of the brand.

Marketing in magazines, several brands are a extremely fairly picture, they will not be a lot distinction. The use of occasion marketing and advertising, you can pull our brand from other brands, the brand promotion to yet another state, make the brand far more closely with the customer exposure, it is a real terminal. It is an expertise that will give consumers the feeling emotionally various. This is the greatest significance of advertising activities.