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?? On the PTFE composite membrane preparation have been stretching the conversation with laminated coating technology

2010 1 11, National Science and Technology Awards Conference held in Beijing, the People’s Liberation Army General Logistics Division, deputy director of the Quartermaster Gear Institute and Zhejiang Institute of Technologies Key Common Jianchun Professor Guo Yuhai led the study, “Poly tetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) composite membrane preparation were stretched and laminated coating technologies “won the 2009 National Technology Invention by the CPC Central Committee, commended the State Council.

Moderator: Initial of all, congratulations you get the National Technologies Invention. As far as I know, this project about 10 years ago on standard R &amp D good results, with production of PTFE composite film composite fabrics have extended been the troops. In 10 years, led the discussion group you are accomplished, what operate? Why analysis award from the profitable to use so lengthy?

Jianchun: This project started in 1994, analysis project. Professor Guo Yuhai was my graduate student, and his master’s thesis analysis project in a sub-subject. Project has been eight national invention patents, published a book, analysis papers published in dozens of domestic and foreign journals. R &amp D method in this project, I also have training doctoral and master far more than 10.

Study from the project to the award-winning, counted a complete 15 years, in 15 years, our exploration of theoretical study has never ever stopped any of the research approach in the business, there are a lot of technologies to overcome bottlenecks . So in 10 years time, we have been in continuous investigation, break a PTFE membrane laminated biaxial stretching molding and a series of crucial technologies, a distinctive porous structure and outstanding chemical stability efficiency of PTFE film production, and formed industrial processing technology. In recent years, Professor Guo Yuhai effectively applied the technologies in turn Environmental protection High-temperature dust removal business, the military biological and chemical protection are also ready for use. I consider that created a key scientific and technological achievements must have a “Decade of grinding sword” of the spirit and tenacity.

Moderator: I’ve constantly wanted to confirm a single point, I am with you in 1995 to pay a visit to numerous nations in Europe, I noticed a series of academic activities, your focus is coated fabrics and the United States GORE -TEX fabric, that European tour on which to help your study? Is not at that time you will have a specific technical system?

Jian-Chun Zhang: The 1995 trip to Europe on our study of the subject of excellent support. In order to address the military operational and education Clothing Fabric waterproof, windproof, breathable, moisture permeability and a series of questions, we investigation project in 1994.

Then created the world’s most sophisticated technologies there are two routes, a single is the United States, represented by GORE-TEX fabric membrane complex fabric, the other is Europe’s breathable waterproof coating. Both methods developed extended lines and equipment in the U.S. and the EU’s unique forces, but due to the developed nations close to China’s technological blockade, we are engaged in analysis activities in information meager. But it is during that time, the United States and European producers just put this sophisticated functionality of fabrics to withstand intense weather situations for high-level outdoor sports clothes, which gives us a sample to observe and judge the merits of the two technical routes opportunities. We also tested samples, fabric samples, determined to take the technical route of the United States, self-reliance in building PTFE composite membrane.

That a period of nearly a month trip to Europe, by means of participation in a series of academic exchanges have not only mastered in my academic development of concepts the U.S. and Europe, but also through regular channels have been some genuine samples.

From the investigation objectives of determining, technical line selections, understanding of key technologies, relevant info, and samples to measure mastery of so, I join with you that trip to Europe is truly a essential point of this project .