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campaign Green packaging components has turn out to be the focus of globe environmental protection. The 21st century, countries about the globe a lot of manpower and monetary resources to conduct study and development. In North America, degradable plastics to grow 17% annually in Europe Zeyi annual growth rate of 59%.

Engaged in the production technology of biodegradable plastics, 10 years time, 2001, Tsinghua University, Chan Kwok-keung and his collaborators at the National Organic Science Foundation, the productive development of biodegradable polyester synthesized. One Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Microbiology and corporate institutions such cooperation has been in production, the core technology is not worse than foreign businesses. According to the China Plastics Association Skilled Committee of Statistics of degradable plastics, degradable plastics in 2002 engaged in the development and production of much more than 100 enterprises and institutions, good reputation in the industry of Ningbo Tian Biological Supplies, Zhejiang Hisun Biomaterials Co., Ltd., Wuhan Environmental Protection Technologies Co., Ltd., beautiful.

Hunan University associate professor of law Shiji Hu told BusinessWeek that is not not what we do not want to consumption, but the feeling can not afford that. Is green packaging material genuinely as perceived by the sector as a “unaffordable” noble products? With the industry’s concerns, this problem now edit a group of domestic producers of green packaging research and improvement and production use of the newest case, the readers.

For biodegradable tableware and packaging goods, waterproofing agent
1, R &amp D Status Packaging material has been facing a dilemma: waterproof packaging waste such as plastic film right after the difficult degradation, causes environmental pollution biodegradable packaging, such as ordinary paper is not waterproof, use restricted. How to attain fully biodegradable and can reach moisture, water, and in the production method of packaging manufacturers in the existing automatic packaging machines widely used? Jieyang City, Guangdong Ying Wu Chemical Co., Ltd. for several years and invented a new sort of environmentally friendly packaging supplies?? Multifunction waterproofing agent.

By microbiological testing centers in Guangzhou and the Guangdong Centre for Illness Control and Prevention trial showed that the material can be complete microbial degradation of environmental pollution on human non-toxic. Via its years of analysis and repeated experiments, they employed to cellulose material, employing ether-based approach to alcohol soluble cellulose solvent, then the synthesis of various sorts of water repellent coating on the top of the paper up to moisture, water and automatic heat sealing effect, simply because cellulose paper in the trash can with the fungus have been corrupted, so as to achieve complete degradation. The technologies also won the State Intellectual House Office on Feb. 16, 2005 authorized the utility model patent (recognized as “green composite paper”).

According to reports, employing multi-agent production of green waterproof packaging merchandise, paper processing technology does not call for an improve in specific gear, processing, paper will not have any wrinkles, dry fast, the cover is required degree of adjustment for thickness, made paper can be waterproof, moisture, heat sealing, coating and so can be cool.

Second, application prospects Multifunctional water repellent agent can make use of glue, glue agent than standard but also much more safe waterproof seal, extended storage time would not have a “population explosion” phenomenon. Can be extensively employed in meals, tea, medicines, beverages and other sorts of granules packing.

The environmental composite wrapping the city in Guangdong Province, Taiwan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. “Ah cafe phenol medicine”, “Ann fever in youngsters” and Jieyang, Guangdong Sheng healthcare device business, great medical supplies wrapping paper on the application.

The use of such packaging materials in addition to environmental protection, they can also save energy, simply because of the use of plastic film required a lot of waste oil, aluminum ore is even a lot more substantial exploration and smelting, electrolytic refining, the price of its production process sources much more significant. According to the existing marketplace comparable rates, the price of making use of recycled paper packaging considerably reduce than the plastic composite package. The new paper packaging supplies come out, will play a massive function in environmental protection, and also tea, food, medicines, beverages and other elements of granule packaging of well being and safety play greater benefits.

Water-soluble plastic film 1, R &amp D Status Hunan University and the Guangdong Zhaoqing Franshion packaging components in China Packaging Corporation of Science and Technology with the support of the joint research and development of a water-soluble film and the production gear has passed the provincial appraisal, at the moment in production.

Major ingredient in water soluble packaging film is a low degree of polyvinyl alcohol remedy, utilizing polyvinyl alcohol film forming, water soluble and degradation, a variety of additives such as surfactants, plasticizers, anti- viscosity and so on. Water-soluble film goods are green environmental protection packing material, in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries are recognized by the national environmental protection department.