China’s Household Electrical Appliance Enterprises: Start off “nuggets” Sports Advertising and marketing


As a new advertising and marketing model and the breakthrough into the international marketplace,

Sports Marketing and advertising China’s household electrical appliance enterprises are a lot more and much more consideration and favor. At the same time, how to use sports advertising and marketing to

Brand The core culture to sports as a platform for further upgrading and beyond, has turn out to be China’s enterprises have to face the test collectively.

“Sports Marketing and advertising” hot appliances

Chinese home appliance sector, sports marketing is swiftly warming.

Given that March 26, 2004, the new

Association 65 million U.S. dollars to the price of IT hardware, only the International Olympic Committee’s worldwide companion (referred to as Prime), the use of Leading system, the new Lenovo acquired

IBM Computer Organization, started international has taken the road to greater pace. February 18 this year, Lenovo supplied for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin nearly five,000 desktop

Personal computer , 600 units Notebook Computers, nearly 400

Server , 1600 desktop Printer And technical support and solutions. Lenovo goods, steady efficiency not only won the Turin Olympic Organizing Committee’s trust and recognition also to show the planet the strengths of Lenovo brand.

Similarly, Haier In a Olympics White sponsor will less than a year’s time, has eyes for yet another key concern in sports?? NBA. U.S. time on April ten, Vice Chairman of the Haier Group and the U.S. NBA Chairman David Wu Kesong? Stern Haier Industrial Park announced that the United States to form a global strategic partnership, Haier has turn into the first global house appliance industry, the brand sponsored NBA .

Under the agreement, Haier can use the NBA in the U.S. and China, a series of marketing and advertising assets, media platforms and events things are displayed innovative technology appliances. The co-branded

Advertisement Activities will be by means of the NBA in China 24 Tv channels broadcast partner, Haier’s merchandise and interactive campaign internet site and the NBA will also tour the show. As the first joint promotion of bilateral cooperation activities, on April 27, NBA2006 playoff race first HD broadcast in Shanghai, Haier HD

Streaming Media Television The very first high-definition NBA games, the impact of high-definition Television viewing by NBA officials praise. NBA vice president of China, Mr. MarkFischer said: “Haier streaming higher-definition tv for the first time for Chinese audiences to open a new window of higher-definition sports, support promote higher definition

Digital Television And NBA games in China and further spread. “

Following the Turin Winter Olympic Games in hand

Lenovo, Haier leveraging NBA events, the

TCL Also to appear focused on international sports advertising. In the enormous sponsorship of the third “Golf Classic”, the current sky-higher cost TCL Youyi soccer star Ronaldinho signing for the new flat-panel Television market place in the B68 series of new endorsements, targeting the Planet Cup about to commence.

Lenovo, Haier, TCL is China’s household electrical appliance enterprises in current years, played the epitome of sports marketing and advertising license,

Changhong The new flight, Amoi , Skyworth , Akai and other firms have also started a massive number of appliances around the Planet Cup’s sports marketing and advertising. Correct now, household electrical appliance enterprises Denver sports marketing collective passion, can be “full swing” to describe.

Glamorous sports marketing and advertising Leveraging the Olympic Games, sponsored by NBA, play the Planet Cup card … … a series of events show that China’s household electrical appliance enterprises progressively horizon sports advertising and marketing strategy.

With the 2007 Women’s World Cup, the 2008 Olympic Games, the correct to host the 2010 Asian Games settled in China, the sports advertising and marketing enterprise to become the new favored of Chinese enterprises has become an chance to go abroad, but of this opportunity for the Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises it more attractive.

How great charm sports marketing and advertising? Korea

Samsung Is a vivid instance. In 2005, the Samsung brand worth over a lot of years old enemy


, A global brand value, 1 of the fastest developing. But till 1990, Samsung is nonetheless a unknown Korean companies.