China’s Household Electrical Appliance Enterprises Rely On Forward


Perform on the road in 1 telephone get in touch with to his property in the water heater directed a property on the quite spot to wash the comfortable hot shower. At the current hosting of the 2006 International

Property Appliances Show, exhibition booth of Siemens property appliances house remote control e handle

Water Heater , The former science fiction story into a excellent comfort to people’s true lives. According to Bosch and Siemens

Residence Appliances Wu, common manager of group sales in China Division introduced this at house by telephone to set the switching time and water temperature water heater technologies is at the moment first in the nation. It incorporates the notion of humanity, so that the saving and environmental protection. Bosch and Siemens is simply because they have so several forward-looking technologies to the development of house appliance business is a large benefit.

Whole force produced a number of “disruptive technology”

Currently intense marketplace competition, China’s household electrical appliances, to make some forward-seeking technologies products, several dream of the Chinese white goods organization. But so far, but hardly ever seen in the white goods on the domestic enterprises breakthrough technological adjust or revolutionary product baked. “I really feel that we must make use of state energy items based on technology and even exceeded, or regional companies with a massive gap among the international huge business.” In an interview bluntly WU Division expressed their personal this view. To e-controlled remote control of property electric water heater, for example, Wu Section detail that such technology is not a water heater made by Siemens, but grafted in the water heater Siemens cordless phone info technology. Core technology is a chip, Siemens invested 2 million euros (200 million yuan) to do the analysis and improvement. The chip, if only in the water heater, water heater cost will be astronomical, but since of the refrigerator,

Washing machine And numerous other home appliances to share the improvement costs of the chip on the dilution of the. Bosch and Siemens Property Appliances, 2005 worldwide sales of 1.two trillion yuan, from 1% carry out his analysis is to generate 12 billion yuan. If you are interested in a technologies project manager can apply for 200 million yuan of funds, although in China, two billion to the national ministries authorized.

Classic household appliances with digital connections and other new technologies is frequently to do some grafting, showing the sporadic use of new technologies, but not that disruptive and revolutionary technologies improvement. Truly cost-free scrub such as range hoods, Siemens property appliances such technologies currently have and use the oven. Siemens temporarily do not want this technologies out, due to the fact the big launch of the company’s technologies is rhythmic handle, it will not take the initiative to replace their own earlier technologies. Wu created Cotan Road, which is competition. But as China’s household electrical appliance enterprises are technically usually massive international organizations to rhythm manage of technologies, in its own core technology stretched, have not freed themselves from foreign companies design a very good chain.