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tags Projector Sector in China has been operating for 10 years, Sell Number of a lot more than 20% annually to sustain the development rate, specifically in 2009 reached 28% development rate. According to ZDC information evaluation, market place capacity in 2010 reached one hundred million a lot more than the development rate was 26.four%. 2010 Projection Machine sales of significant brand launched a challenge to the goal, it definitely set off the projector industry share battle. It is understood that the market place capacity of fewer than 100 million Chinese projector market gathered several international brands, but do not have a brand’s market share of more than 10%. This year, Hitachi, NEC , Seattle, BenQ , Samsung launched six brands of more than ten million units have annual sales targets, development is anticipated to have in more than double the market place share of a large-scale battle begins.

It is understood that on March 11, Samsung, Samsung held in Beijing Projector National Assembly channel management, announced a ten million sales target. Xiang Tao Samsung solution manager, said: “This figure is by means of our worldwide and China Projector Expectations for development, combined with Samsung’s own brand positioning, solution line, and channel development set. “Faced with the fast development of the market, Samsung will launch in 2010 a a lot more extensive solution line, involving a total of 8 series of products to meet market place demand. Meanwhile, Samsung Projector Product line will be completely covered by higher, medium and low industry, marketplace, scale will turn out to be the concentrate of development. Samsung Projector Quietly coverage amongst different segments. 2010, Samsung Projector Have an ambitious sales target, based on Education Marketplace, customer industry and individual market place-round attack.

Lately, the Seattle jointly held with the National Digital Proxy Company Conference, issued the “sail program.” At the meeting, Seattle, paragraph 60 shows the new, proposed the 14-million annual sales target. Xie Jing, chairman of Seattle, mentioned Seattle in 2008 when the financial crisis still to increase investment, is to meet the industry break out of this day. Seattle will rely on “inventive concepts, original brand, Army operations, quick focal King” four benefits, the enormous victory to win the market place. Xie Jing, said Seattle this year’s sales target has been developed below the detailed production organizing, to make sure supply. At present, Seattle has an annual output of 500,000 front of the stage cast, 60 million single class of light aircraft all round manufacturing capabilities in the enterprise management and good quality manage, strict implementation of the highest international requirements. 2010, Seattle 3LCD optical engine production line machine will be place into production, which will turn out to be the Ricoh Seattle, the second capacity to research and development production 3LCD optical projection engine business.

According to relevant media reports, following the Seattle, Samsung, Acer?, NEC, Hitachi and other outdoors shouted the year 2010, sales of the job plan, Sharp Also in the not too long ago held “added glory to win the planet? 2010 Sharp Projector Digital Channel Conference, “published Sharp Projector 2010 target is to accomplish market sales of far more than 20% growth in sales of low-finish goods to achieve the grand purpose of 80,000 units.

2010, China’s Projector Total market will exceed 1 million units sold mark, an increase of over 26.four%. This will bring fierce competitors in the market, triggering a new round of reshuffle. According to business estimates, the growth momentum is anticipated to sustain 3 to 5 years, China Projector Industry will usher in the golden period. Proposed to overcome the key brands have sold thousands of sets ambitious ambitions, they can break through, who in turn share Projector Industry, the best 3? Let us waiting.

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