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tags From the 20th century, China started to attach importance to Mold Development of the market. On the Government to help Mold Improvement of the industry, to lead the business to flourish. China’s manufacturing business is fairly low manufacturing price, mold processing industry matures, technology is constantly expanding. Substantially increase the high quality of personnel, domestic investment environment better and far better, a lot more and far more favorable aspects make foreign firms decide on China as the mold base.

Present, China ranks third in the world die output, soon after Japan and the United States, including, cars, motorcycles, household appliances mold industry is the largest marketplace, accounting for 80% of mold a lot more than industry share. The automobile business as an example, a model of the car would require a total of about four,000 die, the worth of up to two – 3 billion single mold parts refrigerator wants about 150, requiring a total of about 350 die, worth about four million yuan. National Bureau of Statistics the number of According to (Statistics include all state-owned enterprises and in Pin Sales income of 500 million yuan of non-state enterprises, the exact same below) show that in 2008 1 – 5 months, the national mold industry has far more than 36 billion yuan of industrial output value, and in 2007 remained steady compared to the same upward trend, the mold sector for nearly 9-year price of industrial output and sales situation in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Mould Sector 2000-2008 in May sales price of industrial output and the situation

Supply: Division of the machine (Beijing) Details Technology Research Institute. Electrical and data network in China

2008 year will die market output is expected to develop about 20%. Mold will continue to move info technology, digital, fine, high-speed, automated direction, mold technologies businesses will continue towards the integration, exceptional gear, solution branding, management of details technology, international business path. In order to meet the organization development and marketplace competitors. The automobile organizations should also actively seek international mold Cooperation . Attempt by the simple operation of production-oriented enterprises to capital enterprise.

National Bureau of Statistics information show that in 2007, China’s market place capacity mold has a lot more than 70 billion yuan is anticipated to “11 five” finish of the market place share of China’s mold business will reach one hundred million yuan l400. Can be observed from the Figure 2.

May 2000-2008 Figure two mold manufacturing revenue and earnings

Supply: Department of the machine (Beijing) Details Technologies Study Institute. Electrical and information network in China

Recent years, the mold sector, expanding market place capacity, the overall improvement of good. The sound development of the entire mold business drive speedy progress in the mold business. National Bureau of Statistics information show that 2008 years ago, five months, the quantity of firms than the complete year 2007 improved by 15%. Mold firms in China final 9 years about the improvement of Figure 3.

Might 2000-2008 Figure 3 Die enterprise development in China

Supply: Department of the machine (Beijing) Information Technology Analysis Institute, Chinese mechanical and electrical information network

As China’s mold market, a breakdown solution, professional improvement, automobile die industry created quickly, but the car dies is only in recent years created into an sector.