China Will Create Explosives Detector Is Expected To Become The Anti


Undertaken by the Chinese Academy of Sciences National 863 Project, currently the world’s most sensitive explosives detector that industrialization in Wuxi. Micro-systems in the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Shanghai Science and Technology Bureau of Wuxi City, jointly held

Technologies Transfer ceremony, Wuxi city government mentioned it would concentrate on supporting the project, to carry out better than that of other explosives detector sensitivity more than 1,000 times, no radiation pollution-cost-free, weight only 1.two kg, the lightest portable God of Thailand Series ultra-sensitive detection of explosives instrument mass.

This marks a breakthrough in China and beyond the technology and the lengthy-term U.S.

Product For the blockade. The professionals mentioned that with the civil approach speeds up, the technologies will become

Public Safety Safety proof of the critical trigger of supporting technologies, and is expected to become the world’s anti-terrorism tool.

Ultra-sensitive explosives detector is entirely independent intellectual home rights of a higher-tech items, the use of molecular imprinted polymer fluorescence sensing technologies to determine explosives. Other than the domestic price of at least ten times faster detectors, explosives found in just five-8 seconds, and with out pollution

Atmosphere , No radiation no side effects on customers. At present, in addition to the United States, China is the only country has the technologies, and Chinese goods sensitivity 1000 instances greater than the U.S. product.

As R &amp D people, the CAS Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Details Technology researcher Jian-Gong Cheng, weighs only 1.two kg of ultra-sensitive explosives detector utilizes a fluorescent polymer sensor technologies is based on TNT, and so on.

Explosion Special fluorescent molecules on the polymer fluorescence quenching effect, when a target explosives TNT and other molecules and polymer molecules, the polymer fluorescence emitted instantaneously by

Detect The fluorescence intensity of polymer can be aware of the surrounding environment, TNT and other explosive components have emerged.

Imprinted polymer sensing fluorescent molecularly imprinted polymer material with each high selectivity, but also has the molecular chain of polymer molecules on the target “point of get in touch with, multi-point response” attributes, generating the fluorescence intensity of the seized molecules are quite sensitive, displaying high sensitivity.

The instrument can imitate dogs, by recognizing the smell to sniff out hidden explosives, volatile or explosive residue was detected in the object’s surface traces of explosives. Sensitivity to .1ppt, that is

Detector Capable to detect ten trillion molecules of air there is an explosive molecules, and even much more sensitive than the properly-trained police dogs an order of magnitude. Apply to public safety, armed police, army and other safety departments to perform to increase China’s public safety for the security proof in the trigger of the sensitivity and accuracy, is of fantastic significance.

Ceremony, Wuxi Municipal Government, mentioned the project is intended as a “national brand” to help the production line completed in six months to complete the engineering design of detectors to obtain big-scale production. Initially invested millions of free income, then will continue to invest in this project.

With those of other explosives detector compared to ultra-sensitive explosives detector has four characteristics: higher sensitivity, with out preheating can be continuously measured, light weight, appropriate for stand-alone, no pollution, no radiation no side effects on users .

Semiconductor physics and devices professional, academician of the CAS instrument rating Chu Jun-Hao mentioned: “The sensitivity of detection of explosives has reached international advanced level, the efficiency indicators comparable with American technologies, even ahead of, in today’s anti-terrorism situation The approach highlights the significance of civilian production, promotion prospects are quite broad. “