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tags 2009 four 22 message, GOME Electrical Appliances HC D &amp B to carry out joint investigation to urban consumers in China property appliance industry satisfaction survey, 22 cities in the country a period of 2 months of painstaking investigation perform, analysis goods, including

Flat Panel Television , Refrigerator , Washing machine , Air conditioning , Water heater , Variety hood, gas stove, soybean milk machine and cooker nine categories, covering 270 goods study, by the end of June Gome clients

Service Centre will publish “brand appliances 2008-2009 White Paper on Customer Satisfaction.”

Frighten the economic crisis, domestic appliances under the state enterprises have to respond “

Bringing home appliances “Policy called for developing the rural market place, but now urban and rural consumption, the actual scenario, the city is still the mainstream consumer market, China’s household electrical appliances, household appliances initial buy and replacement of consumer demand still exists, in the existing relative slowdown in consumer demand predicament, the home appliance sector, want insight into consumer requirements and complaints, to conduct a comprehensive survey of consumer satisfaction, in order to much better grasp of customer demand for urban buyers.

Chinese urban customer appliance market satisfaction survey on April 10th launch, in June to be completed in late full access to the Executive and the formation of investigation reports. Research objectives terminal Gome retail shoppers in cities database, and study requirements in accordance with the proper choice of these shoppers and screening research covering the northeast, north, east, south, northwest and southwest of the six regions, a total of 22 cities to get in touch with quantitative survey (GOME callcenter), households, and buyers to check out the forum deep combination of study approaches, investigation sample of nine categories of quantitative survey had been 23 400 calls, going to 900 households deep field, the consumer forum 45 field.

Investigate products in order to make sure a comprehensive coverage, the household appliances sector satisfaction survey will focus on flat-panel TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, water heater, variety hood, gas stove, soybean milk machine and cooker nine solution categories, Investigation goods incorporate 8-10 months before each and every significant category for each brand and brand their own very best-selling model, is anticipated to reach 270 items. HC D &amp B investigation by the study program made to establish the authorities, the system will consumer satisfaction with the a variety of models down to the item perception, perceived worth, service expectations and brand recognition in four places, a total of 30 number of measurement indicators, the formation of the look of satisfaction, user satisfaction, worth and service satisfaction, satisfaction measurement sub-four, and lastly a measurement integrated more than the brand satisfaction survey scores.

D &amp B joint HC Gome carried out the nationwide study of house appliances satisfaction research, will address the 5 significant elements: urban consumer appliances consumer general satisfaction, urban consumers of different categories Appliances product brand recognition and influence urban buyers for different house appliances category of factors and degree of satisfaction, enhance urban shoppers are not happy with the distinct categories of variables appliances and future urban buyers on the demand for property appliances category path through this item satisfaction survey, household appliances producers are greater in a position to grasp the consumption trends, product development and advertising assistance for urban buyers with greater items and solutions.

six , Gome will jointly host HC D &amp B of “Chinese urban shoppers appliance satisfaction analysis” conference, at Gome consumer service center will release “2008-2009 White Paper appliance brand customer satisfaction” , and nine categories of the award-winning analysis presented manufacturers, “2008-2009, the most satisfactory appliances customer brand” awards and recognition, China Association for Good quality, the China Consumer Association, the Chinese residence appliance Association, State Info Center, Department of Info Sources Improvement , appliance makers, industry professionals will attend the conference and be represented on the subject.