China Solar Panel Accused Of “as well Cheap”

tags Lately, some European and American media published articles on the Chinese solar panel expressed concern about the influx of such items, complain that China’s solar panels are too low cost, alleged unfair competitors, that its solar enterprise could face a risk of collapse.

 Complained that foreign competitors, “disadvantage”

 Germany’s major solar power organization Q-Cells has released a efficiency report, the information showed that initial-half loss of 700 million euros. The firm plans to lay off 500 individuals, leaving all of the two,100 staff to element-time workers are underemployed. It also intends to cut four production lines, and these production lines to Asia. Which includes Q-Cells of Germany, such as the plight of their own solar energy business will be blamed Chinese enterprises, mentioned the Chinese government invested a lot of money and subsidies Jiashang enormous cost advantage to the Chinese companies to dominate the marketplace clear value advantage.

 Recently, the German solar power organization has referred to as on the EU to impose sanctions on Chinese businesses, that China’s solar power organizations suspected of unfair competition. According to the German “Handelsblatt” reported that the German solar manufacturer Conergy For the German government in conjunction with other colleagues and the European Commission to apply for Chinese-made solar panels on the anti-dumping investigation. Ammer, president of the company, mentioned: “Costs are dumping marginal”, according to the present value level, Chinese makers are not achievable with out the assistance of the national earnings. Since the silicon solar panels the rates of raw materials is open, Chinese makers have only low-price labor and power positive aspects. The proposal by the German solar sector wide support, and other manufacturers that compete with their Chinese counterparts in a disadvantage. Q-Cells spokesman, he said, “politicians should ask themselves, to the German taxpayers foot the bill for Asian items, to do appropriate?”

 The United States and solar power producer in Australia not too long ago told its media, also of Chinese products to the influence of their dissatisfaction. California, a number of solar power organizations warned that the low-cost Chinese products are not only so that they suffered economic losses, was forced to lay off staff and reduce capacity, and may possibly endanger the Obama government help schemes for renewable energy industries. “The Australian” by the end of August in a report quoted a solar power products for people in Canberra as saying by the local solar industry, the effect of China’s low cost goods have time to respond to industry demand. He also stated some Chinese solar panel prices fell sharply, the price tag fell to 1050 from 1600 the Australian dollar, and some poor high quality.

 Cost benefit derived from various

 Chinese solar energy enterprises in the battery production cost is indeed low, but low labor and raw supplies rates and the plummeting costs of other multi-aspect correlation, not just Yin Wei Chinese solar Chanye was government assistance. Moreover, the business also pointed out that Japan, Germany and other Western nations to the national solar energy business has provided large subsidies.

 “The German Monetary Times” an write-up not long ago, the objective that the German businesses and silicon manufacturers signed a lengthy-term contracts, the value tied to death Even so, the Chinese firms to acquire from the spot industry silicon. Over the previous few months, the market place cost of silicon has decreased by about 70%. According to a UBS research report, on the complete, China’s solar industry production fees 30% lower than in Germany. Coupled with government support in China in recent years the price tag of solar panels drop drastically.

 But “New York Occasions” Web internet site on August 25 an article was supported by the Chinese government deliberately emphasized that this is the Chinese organizations to sell items at low crucial. It is reported that considering that March, the Chinese government at all levels, from nearby to central government, competing to supply numerous subsidies to solar firms, including cost-free land and R &amp D funds state-owned banks to the industry “rescue” to supply low-interest loans. In addition, poor top quality of low cost Chinese labor resources clear advantages.

 British “Daily Telegraph” are biased to point out that China’s solar suspected of engaging in unfair competition, and that Chinese businesses use a range of concessions to seize the country of the world solar marketplace, this “close to dumping.” The media back to conquer the planet 1 / three solar panels market in China as a “theft of Green Technologies Award” to the charges.

 Barriers to overseas factories to hide

Nevertheless, “The New York Occasions,” the article also acknowledged that organized resistance to China’s export of solar items is not effortless since of the reduction behavior of China so much less costly green power. On the other hand, if this anti-dumping situations filed, as in the United States, you have to prove it suffered losses from U.S. businesses. Nevertheless, the U.S. government tax incentives, the United States is to keep profitability connected businesses.

 “The New York Occasions” reported that China’s solar energy organizations in the United States is preparing to construct factories to assemble semi-finished way to bypass the U.S. trade protection laws, and then exactly the same way Japanese auto firms.

 Moreover, the Chinese solar companies also began to employ the United States to join our team of nearby labor, the organization aims to grow in future could face anti-China sentiment to a minimum.

 According to reports, the U.S. economic stimulus plan to receive the monetary help of the project have signed the WTO “Agreement on Government Procurement” in the economy developed steel and other developing components, like solar panels. China is not a signatory to the agreement. In response to this provision, and minimize transportation expenses, China’s largest solar panel producers plan to announce subsequent month or two years, will be constructed in the United States, a solar panel assembly plant. One more big solar firms have lately mentioned the company already has solar panels in the United States assembled a “preliminary plan.”