China making 30 “Sponge Cities” to combat climate change

Inhabitants of the Celestial Empire recognized floods as the most destructive consequence of the global climate change. And they joined the world program “The Sponge City Initiative”, within which 30 large Chinese cities began to master the “spongy architecture”. Its main task is to accumulate and control the movement of large-scale precipitation.

The best success so far has been achieved in the city of Lingang, where roads with a water-permeable covering and a water park green zone have already been built for $ 119 million. Both there and there are systems for collecting, filtering and storing water – the city can process almost everything that pours from heaven. There are many plants b there is no drought, but humidity is maintained at a certain comfortable level.

How to implement the concept of “sponge-cities”, the authorities decide on the ground, taking into account the specifics of the region. This program in China was allocated $ 12 billion, but this money is only 20% of the required amount. The rest will be paid by a large business, which will become the main beneficiary of the venture. It is believed that by 2020, 80% of the country’s urban districts will be able to efficiently process 70% of all atmospheric precipitation.

The achievements of the Chinese are enviously watched by the people of Houston – the city, which this summer literally drowned from the rains brought by the hurricanes. Or in Berlin, where they would like to solve the problem of drinking water for the population before it reaches the scale of the catastrophe. But experts agree that all this is only decorative, temporary measures . And to change really it is necessary not the appearance of cities, but the climate on the planet, until it’s quite late.