China Hardware Kitchen In Hardcover Beneath The Opportunities And Challenges


Possibilities and challenges co-exist, everything is opposite. In the opportunity, the dire challenges facing China’s manufacturing enterprises face a number of kitchen supplies.

 Fine decoration trend

 Is nicely identified that rough housing is a welfare housing distribution period geek, brought about by the rough housing decoration and fitting out the noise garbage has grow to be a social difficulty. As early as May 2002, Housing and Urban-Rural Building on the proposed “a single-time commercial residential renovation implementation specifics”, but just entered the era of the Chinese people in terms of commercial houses, home decoration, personalized decoration, or a lot of people’s interest, and steadily increasing volume of transactions makes the basic real estate developers to concentrate on building big, quick residence sales, the “fine decorated apartments” is only a tiny quantity of home developers focus, and constructed the original intention or as a selling point hardcover room to run.

 With the rapid financial growth, environmental concerns turn into increasingly prominent, as effectively as the accelerated pace of people’s lives, improve customer rationality, combined with Western created countries residential development expertise, in China, “hardcover residential” housing as a convenient mode of will turn out to be a improvement trend, in early 2009 as the country’s fine decorated apartments, Shenzhen, a pilot city after once again illustrate the point. Following China Vanke, the China Resources Land (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. also mentioned that China Resources Land in Shanghai, the project’s future will also be fitting to go fine line.

 Kitchen and bathroom places is a significant hardcover

 The scope of the major hardcover hardcover room kitchen and bathroom. Living area, bedroom, study, children’s rooms and other wants of the region owner to get furniture, and kitchen and bathroom are the essential to be able to get direct access to. The state is vigorously promoted hardcover homes, yes to the kitchen business, possibilities and challenges. Clearly, this policy will drastically enhance the all round cabinets and sanitary wares and associated goods market place share. In certain, hanging cabinets and bathroom hardware, shower area, and so on., will draw on the “upgraded residential” as a carrier to accelerate the pace of residential in popularity. According to statistics, each year about 10 million new residential units put into use, only the kitchen in terms of the next ten years, its market place space is expected to much more than 1,000 billion giant, a large company chance is material to the majority of kitchen makers start.

 In the opportunity, the dire challenges facing China’s manufacturing enterprises face a number of kitchen components. 1st of all, today the domestic large-scale real estate developers and decorating businesses in deciding on cabinets and bathroom ware, practically the preferred international properly-known brands, which tends to make the already big market place share, leaving quite couple of domestic companies is even much more. Second, the vast majority of kitchen and domestic enterprises will concentrate on the improvement of finish markets, although every person is busy with distribution network expansion, second and third line when the city entered the industry structure changes have taken spot quietly.

 It is understood that 80% of the U.S. kitchen and bath goods directly into the engineering marketplace, “the hardcover R” implementation will ask the Chinese kitchen and toilet materials production enterprises need to grasp the terminal, engineering, the capability to walk on two legs. On the engineering side, contract residential renovation project is a fine public enterprises rather than the home-improvement company gear, which tends to make residence improvement organization has been to establish a stable and cooperative relations between the kitchen and enterprises need to face new channels open up. In quick, the future of kitchen material production enterprise in the face of enormous enterprise opportunities although also faced with item innovation, channel improvement, sensible applications of cooperation to discover a series of challenges.

 Industry associations integrate resources, construct a platform to promote the “fine fitting” below the industrial cooperation

 China Building Decoration Association, which was directly under the Ministry of Construction of a corporate society, from eight departments, eight expert committees, 126 regional associations, much more than 20,000 decorative / supplies firms and nearly 1 million interior designer. Kitchen &amp Bath Functions Committee of China Developing Decoration Association, a single of eight expert committees, to reflect the demands to give solutions and regulate the sector regular is also prepared to take the promotion and guidance of Chinese enterprises and kitchen decoration components, exchanges and cooperation in the crucial activity of manufacturing enterprises. The face of the deepening of the policy fine decoration, China Building Decoration Association, Kitchen &amp Bath Functions Committee was aware of his heavy responsibility on the a single hand actively collaborated with the China Building Regular Style &amp Analysis Institute and other research institutions in the kitchen, bathroom fine decoration normal-setting function, building, style, and materials give the basis for enterprise project collaboration. The other hand, actively carry out exchange of the industrial chain, in 2009 China Creating Decoration Association, Kitchen &amp Bath Performs Committee will be held January 10, 2010 held in Shaoxing, Zhejiang.