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State “on the gear manufacturing sector restructuring and rejuvenation system outline,” to strengthen the infrastructure, “the host and the development of standard pieces of sync” and the improvement of massive castings and forgings up to the national strategic level. On eliminating backward production capacity, improve industrial concentration, and market optimal adjustment of the structure also made arrangements for the deployment, focus is through mergers and acquisitions, the adjustment of item structure, excellent loss, the promotion of enterprise scale, specialization, foster a batch of internationally competitive large-scale leading enterprises, give complete play to market enterprise benchmarking model pulling effect, accelerating Casting Independent innovation, energy conservation, and enhance core competitiveness, constructing. The face of overwhelming our tiny casting organization, but the lack of upright structural situation of the industry of huge enterprises, China Foundry Association, Preparing 2020, will cast a lot more than 30,000 organizations nationwide decreased to ten 000 far more than the number of firms reduced to 2 / three.

Production has remained the world’s very first several years of Chinese foundry industry in the world Economic Influence and effect of the crisis, exposed to the excess capacity and demand shrinking, operating poor, lack of competitive challenge. The post-crisis era is now faced with challenging challenges, and accelerate the implementation of low-carbon economy, adjusting the structure, eliminating the backward, transform the mode has grow to be the topic of Chinese foundry business is urgent.

Big but not especially powerful contradiction

China is properly-deserved initial massive casting, not only cast iron, cast steel, cast aluminum casting goods, such as the biggest output, and the quantity of massive enterprises. Distributed throughout the nation cast much more than 30,000 enterprises, but most do not have the economic scale of production, annual output of much more than 100,000 tons of castings of couple of. Such a higher dispersion, straight bring a series of critical consequences, specifically in the following locations: Initial, the poor high quality of casting goods

As China’s foundry business

usually small scale, backward technical gear, automation, digital level is low, but they were mostly utilised by modest blast furnace raw material production of pig iron, its quality is not higher, or use of waste Steel Wide selection of sources, composition complex, unstable and inconsistent, plus not a foundry casting solution design and style and development of their personal products, but products primarily based on user demand for specified merchandise, solution diversity, modest, usually changing the qualities of according to uniform requirements is challenging to scale production not only increased the distinct patterns of cold-variety Mold Expense, and forming a typical difficulty that can tolerate the existence of the higher rejection price, 8% of normal conditions is generally around complex parts, higher-grade pieces of about 15%, while the created nations, casting scrap rate of only 2%. Waste of higher, an increase not only recast the remelting scrap rework Energy Material consumption and time price, affecting the production of machining processes, and the mixture of holes, sand holes and other defects, but also seriously damage the corporate image, can not enter the international industry not only the high quality needs and inspection requirements, also reduces the quality of supporting host efficiency.

Second, the weak potential of independent innovation

In market conditions demand, China’s foundry business through in depth development in earlier years, even though casting has been large-scale capacity expansion, but enterprise investment in analysis and solution development expenses but with disproportionate, resulting in general , a serious surplus of low-end castings, massive castings, precision castings, and other higher-end items is reasonably quick, some ultra-huge casting and forging and extreme manufacturing precision casting of the key components required to buy from abroad at high prices.

The identical time, China’s engineering colleges because the last century, mainly following 90 years no longer has a casting pros, top foundry enterprise technique is based on trained and skilled Education Engineers and technicians are more scarce, coupled with widespread small-scale foundry company to attract talent, not capability to integrate scientific and technological sources, simple research and original innovation, integrated innovation and lack of capacity, a number of foundry enterprises even if equipped with advanced gear, also difficult to produce first-class items, created industry demands new goods in international marketplace competitors is tough to get rid of a passive position.

Third, higher power consumption and severe pollution

Casting gear manufacturing industry in the front-end method, the molten metal material of high energy consumption gear mainly for the cupola, electric furnace, baking and so on. According to statistics, total power consumption of foundry industry Machinery Industry 25% of the total energy consumption to 30%, production of 1 ton per qualified castings, about 50 kg of dust emissions, emissions 1000 to 2000 cubic meters of waste sand 1 to 1.3 tons, 300 kilograms of slag, the foundry industry a huge amount of waste discharged has become a massive energy consumption and pollution. Compared to industrialized countries, which make 1 ton of qualified cast of “3 wastes” discharge is significantly less than our 1 / ten, even so, created for protection of the atmosphere, are continually escalating Environmental protection Investment, environmental protection gear investment than 4 ~ five occasions larger than in China, also to the world’s largest market place for Chinese exports of capital and technology. In current years, which includes roll, like foreign investment, joint venture to develop the foundry organization, enhanced considerably compared with other industries.

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