Chic2010 Fresh “vegetables”: Which Is Your “dish” – China Sheet Metal

tags When the culture and economy, science and technology combined, then form a inventive, that the future company world will burst out the taste of culture, a culture of creativity CHIC2010 one of the most appealing terms. CHIC2010 has ended, but the CHIC in new goods, new ideas stay in the hearts of clothes aftertaste, exhibitors public arena in the CHIC exchange, absorption, exchange the most recent info on the prevalence of tips, sharing it with new, trendy “fresh vegetables” it!
Brighter than the fireworks down diversity
Down jackets can be made into fantastic selection of summer season, can be created into Western-style evening dress, made of luxurious and warm can be installed …… Bingjie bride, elegant deer stand in CHIC2010 has place individuals in front of A bright new product, people can not help but sigh, the original feather merchandise have so numerous complications. Down a lot of companies will have a full development of new functions, new locations and take style, leisure, luxury line, created a personalized inventive goods of high added worth down jacket, down jacket continued to renovate their endless surprises to the audience .
Down in the exhibition, exhibitors on the exhibit did her best novel mounting of several approaches to attract general audience, but a simple exhibition also attracted several visitors stop to quit. Entrance of a pile of colorful plastic tube has attracted many individuals, every person holding of curiosity asked exhibitors, initially launched in Beijing birds adore the new items – colour velvet, velvet colour adjust of this new solution the minds of the men and women in the past can only warm down this traditional view, the surface filling in the clothes down, wrapped in the surface layer of transparent material, return to the original face down and boost the flow of a sense of down jackets, velvet color for a designer The new design and style concept, the original decorative feather can do, you can also grow to be trendy to highlight, so even with the lead down jacket style capital.
Down is no longer monotone, colorful down jackets, the danger of charming, stunning ice-free of charge folks. And Down “fashion” of the very same time, the colour also spared the write-up. White, black, lemon yellow, navy blue, purple, pink and a series of bold and dazzling use of colour, colorful down jackets turn out to be a major part CHIC2010, can also added a touch of stunning winter scenery.
Green + technology to inventive dance
Discarded mineral water bottles can be turned into clothing, appropriate! This is not the new stuff up! Museum in CHIC2010 ideas, there is a type of fresh human weave stunning fabrics let you have a various experience. Enjoy Thanksgiving technologies businesses to care for the atmosphere as the objective of no use to Dayong, mineral water bottles will be recovered by way of layers of procedure snag, produced of higher quality comfy sweat, there are cool attributes of the regeneration of polyester yarn. 12 abandoned mineral water can be made of a short-sleeved green skin does not hurt Ms. T-shirt, mineral water bottles can be made 9 a green scarves ……. uniforms, blankets, hygiene, clothes, bags and other environmental protection from the mineral water bottles can be recycled fabrics by means of different processes processing. The applause of his hands, used in picking up litter, sweep the streets, to do recycling, let this land into a pure land, the garbage into gold, that is the huge technology organizations love the idea of Thanksgiving.