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tags Identified in Guangdong Province Technologies Innovation professional town, Shantou Chaonan Chendian interview, such a issue occurred: Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, a woman at initial did not think Commissioner Chen shop can build a just match of “medicine head” a quarter size, the original imported by Chip Multilayer ceramic capacitors, but the scene was convinced a appear and held out his thumb. In Shantou, Chen store may not truly first-price financial power a huge town, but its features are really distinct industry, has formed the backbone of electronic and electrical merchandise as the backbone of silk underwear and go hand in hand in the industrial structure.

High voltage ceramic capacitors fill the gaps and create the kind of tiny, higher-capacity capacitor is the new East Union Technology Co., Ltd in Guangdong, the company last year was awarded the “Guangdong Higher-tech Enterprise”, to obtain the Chaonan High-tech Enterprise “breakthrough.” It is “private technology enterprises in Guangdong Province”, the item was named “China famous brand electronic merchandise.” At present annual output of 1 billion capacitors, its self-created “higher-voltage multilayer chip ceramic capacitors,” last year by the provincial specialist group, to fill the gap, by the National Science and Technology in Might of this year as “National Torch Project”, now in volume production. According to Introduction, this capacitor is mainly used for military goods for civilian goods such as lcd, plasma Television, lightning and other mine equipment is also applied. East Union Shing folks know very properly the importance of technological innovation, on the multilayer chip ceramic capacitors Higher just place into operation, by a group of senior engineers and technical employees of the company engineering department and product development have been place into the second category Ceramics Higher-pressure multi-layer ceramic capacitor series of item improvement, and to proceed to accomplish the principal capacitor ceramic powder components domestically. Ceramic powders are also at the moment utilised to rely on imports from Japan, if overcome troubles of this technologies, organizations will be in a position to minimize about 30% of the expenses and shorten procurement cycles, lessen inventory, which is extremely favorable for organization. East Luen Shing who aim high, capacitor life of national standard is 1,000 hours, of their own, “overweight” threshold has been elevated to 4000 hours. This year the company’s goods have passed the EU capacitor lead-totally free environmental certification for the future into account the international marketplace and lay a solid foundation. Yuedong Electronic City into a national distribution center for electronic items is located in Chen Lian Zhen Jiang River Plain and the junction of two tidal Nanpu Ning, 324 National Highway passing through the site visitors is really handy. From the beginning of Qing Dynasty, exactly where to lock-primarily based hardware merchandise already recognized, craftsman and merchants of a lot of. Of the final century 90’s, the electronics in the ascendant, bright and sharp Chen shop who Bianba consideration towards the improvement of electronic items sector shift, full use of overseas Chinese benefit to run from a group of factory production of little electronic merchandise. Town Committee, Town Government is to encourage and guide, vigorously promoted the town electronics production and trade created rapidly. Chen Zhen’s eastern Guangdong

at Electronic City in October 1994 put into use, covers an region of 15,000 square meters, construction location of 41,000 square meters, total investment of 3,000 million. Considering that opening, has the United States, Japan, South Korea, a lot more than 20 countries and Taiwan, Hong Kong and many customers all more than the nation come to trade. At present, Yuedong Electronic City, has created into a big-scale national distribution center for electronic merchandise.

Technological innovation to market the electronics business is about 1 billion yuan in output value of production of uncommon electronic and electrical products, can not do without high-tech products with higher technologies content is not bound to be out of the industry. Chen Zhen committee and town government to seize the crucial scientific and technological innovation, and vigorously assistance essential enterprises to take the lead function of radiation, whilst actively guide enterprises to improve item innovation capability, boost the good quality and grade, and enhance industry competitiveness. Awareness of independent innovation of enterprises have gradually elevated in current years have actively introduce advanced production gear and specialist technical personnel, innovative designs and varieties, the new office registered trademarks, and boost nearby financial growth. Promoting innovation to create effective, Chen Zhen’s electronics market final year, output value of about 10 billion yuan, accounting for the town’s almost four percent of industrial output worth. The town has also been Provincial Science and Technology Department as “special towns in technical innovation experimental unit.”

Striking: prepared to spend high prices to hire talent Chen shop rapid improvement of the qualities of the electronics market, has its historical origins, “a priori” more complete, but “acquired” far more crucial. Chen retailers have been open mind, capable to attract talent from all sides and the passenger Chen shop entrepreneur is “the can act,” at even hired a number of high-end technical personnel to grasp core technology, constantly establishing new items, in the fierce market place competitors in an invincible position. In the production and testing gear investment, and they are prepared to devote income. Hardware and software are obtainable, and with each other with advanced management ideas and industry sensitive antennae, Chen shop electronics industry “blowout” seemed a matter of course.