Character Traits of a Great Leader


Leadership is defined as getting able to direct and command other individuals to do what is anticipated of them to accomplish. A leader must be in a position to program, organize, delegate and control. With these four simple attributes of managing men and women it will aid and be a lot easier for a good leader to succeed. Full knowledge of the job makes a great leader a lot more respectable and trustworthy in the eyes of his subordinates, colleagues and superior/s. It will be hard for a leader to have the perform completed if he does not know the job. He need to be in a position to lead by way of instance.

The 4 simple characteristics of a excellent leader are:

1. Arranging – this indicates that a leader need to in a position to have answers to the following concerns: “What has to be completed?” “Who has to do it?” “Why need to this be completed?” “When need to this be done?”
two. Organizing – when the 4 queries on arranging have been answered then the final query to answer is “How ought to it be completed?” In this second attribute the leader should be in a position to prepare all the needed supplies, program or schedule in order to be prepared for the subsequent step.
three. Delegating – signifies to be in a position to assign tasks or authority to other folks.
4. Control and Measurement – getting able to make certain that the activity is accomplished according to the set plan exactly where the five concerns were accomplished with out flaws.

Items to remember about leading individuals via example

1. Be a role model to your subordinate and other individuals.
two. Usually be consistent and firm when top individuals. Use flexibility with caution.
3. Be fair and balance with your selection.
4. Not all undesirable behavior can be summoned to bad attitude. A person’s behavior varies according to individual impulses sent to the brain and has a physical reaction to the behavior. An attitude is an ingrained or molded behavior. (Say for instance, a subordinate abruptly became rude to the supervisor and after talking to the subordinate, it was revealed that she was rude because the supervisor forgot to invite her to the supervisor’s birthday party. This is an example of undesirable behavior but not regarded negative attitude considering that the subordinate’s behavior was short-term and changed right after airing out her sentiments.)
five. Stay away from listening to second hand information from other folks about your colleague or subordinate. This can lead to or develop mistrust and wrongful judgment of other people.
6. Develop harmonious partnership with your subordinate
7. Two-way communication is extremely critical. Listen and be attentive to subordinate’s opinion.
8. Attempt to empower your subordinate.
9. Be self motivated and usually project optimistic attitude towards operate with your subordinate
ten. Never ever demean subordinates in the eyes of others.

The standard attributes of a great leader is merely becoming in a position to answer the five inquiries in this report such as: What is the job to be accomplished? Who are the individuals that will be assigned to do the job? Why this job want to be accomplished? When is this job require to be accomplished? How ought to this job be accomplished?.When the five questions have been answered and have an concept about the things to keep in mind about leadership then every little thing is just a matter of implementing or practicing them. These actions can also be applied on one’s day-to-day way of life at house, in college, neighborhood and other places exactly where a person is asked to lead.

Constantly keep in mind that a person can’t be a very good leader without a follower and a leader is only as great as the folks he leads.