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“Science and technology is really wonderful!” Stand Changchun Financial and Technological Improvement Zone, the financial structure of the tree kind of corn prior to the Showcase, visitors can not help but praised time and once again. Commentator excitedly: tree roots is the raw material of corn, tree cadres is the beginning of processing corn items?? Starch, fiber, corn protein, crown Division is 8 series deep processing goods?? Biological polymers, amino acids, starch resin, starch, alcohol and other chemical substances. At present, the city’s industrial output value of corn has reached 16.1 billion yuan, of which only the chemical’s sales of corn had a lot more than ten billion yuan. Farmers Mailiang Nan has been remarkably improved. This is primarily based on the gold zone in Changchun City, rely on technological innovation, implementation of the “corn strategy” to develop a strong pillar industries thrilling emerging new predicament.

Changchun City, Jilin Province is situated in the international corn and gold belt. At the moment, maize production in Jilin Province reached 18.1 million tons, ranking first in the country, such as Changchun City, about six million tons of corn production also. More than the years, the neighborhood peasants creating, storage troubles, transportation issues, Mai Liangnan issues, has been plagued Changchun and Jilin’s agricultural and general economic development. To entirely modify this scenario, the “melancholy beans” into the “Golden Bean”, Changchun City in corn processing on the relentless efforts, the innovation in technologies to discover a new breakthrough.

September 2004, the world’s very first with independent intellectual house rights, the world’s leading corn-producing line of the industrial production of polyols, in the Changchun Economic and Technological Improvement Zone of Jilin Dacheng Group, was put into production. Following more than a year of production verification, the production line and oil production chemical alcohol contrast, consumption of raw materials ratio of 1.76:8 production price ratio is 1:1.4, the economic positive aspects and strategic benefit is particularly important.

New technologies breakthroughs to make Changchun “corn technique” to additional accelerate the pace of implementation. The 1st half of this year, city project to promote powerful leadership group has accomplished a wonderful deal of preparatory operate, in particular the completion of the maize chemical market development strategy. The type of financial investment by more than 40 billion has been raised funds, infrastructure construction in complete swing. Currently the largest in Asia, the world’s third corn processing enterprise of Jilin Dacheng Group has completed the processing from the plant base to the starting of the layout and then to deep processing industry, the formation of annual processing capacity of two.3 million tons of maize, lysine yield in the globe, Bio-chemical technology has been created to make chemical alcohol, polyester and other eight series and far more than 100 high-value-added goods, fundamentally changed the conventional “resources?? product?? waste discharge” of the linear flow of sources to obtain combined cycle, the net corn meals dry pressing purpose, annual sales have more than 10 billion yuan for the improvement of maize chemical sector has laid a solid foundation. Dacheng Group in July subsequent year to 20 million tons of chemical alcohol new production line will be put into production, 50 million tons of chemical alcohol and 500,000 tons of polyester production line will start off building.

At the very same time, in accordance with the “enclave economy” considering, personally led city leaders in the south this year, the 3rd Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other localities investment, promote North-South cooperation to undertake alcohol chemical production base downstream method of creating the industrial park. Now with the Shanghai and Zhejiang provinces on the corn industrial park enterprise groups signed a 4-creating framework agreement, which the city of Shanghai New Century Investment Group prior investment 300 million yuan in infrastructure building projects that had been planned to begin soon. Changchun Automobile and corn chemical business “fly with both wings, diversified development,” the new pattern is emerging.

Jilin Provincial Committee and Party Secretary Wang Rulin description Changchun, corn chemical industries, on solving the three problems, ease the oil provide pressure, the improvement of circular economy has important strategic significance. Changchun will be completed in ten years time a corn synthetic fibers, plastics, and eco-plastics production and processing center, and ultimately attaining annual processing capacity of 8 million tons of corn, industrial output value of one hundred billion yuan of China’s biggest Modern day corn biological chemical and textile industrial base, corn will be the actual “golden bean”, as the most useful renewable sources. At the exact same time, will also market regional integration of sources, financial development, market the revitalization of northeast old industrial base to play a important and lengthy-term function.