Chamatkar – Episode 38 – Analysis On Prem’s Ears

Chamatkar – Episode 38 – Study On Prem’s Ears

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Episode 38:
Dr. Furukawa, a scientist from America visits Prem to do some analysis on his ears. Even though Prem is still shocked to believe this, Namrata estimates Prem’s ears at a worth of $10,000. When Prem goes to the laboratory, he sees a deja vu. Prem notices that he had seen the same laboratory in his dreams, exactly where Dr. Furukawa shoots him.

About Chamatkar:
Chamatkar is a quite old and hugely renowned show, which was as soon as one particular of the Sony TV’s prime time series. The main protagonist of the show’s story, Prem Kumar Choubey, was played by the really popular theatre, television and film actor Farooq Sheikh. The story revolved around the Prem and his adventures which had been triggered by his exclusive potential to hear lengthy-distance conversations. Later, as the show progressed, the primary protagonist also acquired the ability to study other people’s minds. The serial became an immense hit in the Indian households due to the fantastic comedy and humour.

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