Ceramic wall tiles for beautiful homes


Tiles of ceramic are right now a lot sought right after pieces of clay utilised for home beautification at various areas like kitchen, bathroom, living region, lobby and gardens etc. They are not only utilized in flooring but these tiles which come in various colors, patterns and designs are adorning the walls of the home as well. The word ‘ceramic’ has its origin from the Greek term ‘keramos’ which means pottery or ‘burnt stuff’ whilst ‘tile’ is derived from a French word ‘tuile’ which means baked clay roof tile. The history and use of tiles is about 4000 years old but these days also there recognition is no significantly less.

What are ceramic wall tiles?

The ceramic wall tiles are diverse from that of ceramic floor tiles. Although floor tiles can be used on walls but wall tiles can’t be utilized on floor. Wall tiles are produced from a mixture called ‘slip’ comprising of dried, crushed clay and water. The resultant liquid clay is then molded in various sizes and shapes in the molds. They are covered with glaze ahead of subjected to high temperatures. These ‘slip’ wall tiles are thin and porous in nature.They are obtainable in geometric, floral, hand painted and 3-dimensional forms which when pieces with each other in various combinations can type spectacular modern patterns.

Ceramic Glazed Wall Tiles

Glazed ceramic tiles are commonly utilised for walls and floors in each houses and offices as they are water resistant, tough, scratch resistant, stain resistant, fire-proof, fade proof and effortless to clean and keep. There are three kinds of ceramic glazed wall tiles:

Glossy glazed tiles:

They are thin, brittle and slick when wet. They can not be utilized on floor as they can chip and crack Crackled glazed tiles: These ceramic wall tiles are fragile and cracks on such tiles go down through the glaze. They are not approved for floors as they can chip, gather dirt and stains.

Matte glazed tiles:

Far better for walls, matte glazed tiles have a matte finish and can be utilised on floor only for quite less visitors spaces.The wall tiles are available in both little and big sizes. The basic is to use tiny tiles for little spaces whereas bigger for massive spaces. Typically in kitchen and bathrooms half wall is tiled. Though there is no such set rule, you can play with your concepts and can go for full wall tiling in various combinations with floor. You can select on styles and pattern according to the size and look of your area or any other tiling location. There are numerous alternatives accessible in the market to suit your requirements.


Ceramic wall tiles are quite expense powerful than their stone or marble counterparts. In comparatively less expenditure you can make stunning and sophisticated property.