Career Spotlight: Civil Engineer

Profession Spotlight: Civil Engineer

Alishia Ballard graduated in 2015 with a degree in civil engineering from San Diego State University. Following graduating, she has been interning with San Francisco Public Functions in their structural engineering section. Structural engineering is a subcategory of civil engineering, and it frequently requires designing, inspecting and analyzing structures like bridges and buildings. Find out far more right here:


Occasionally with engineers, there is a stereotype like, “No, you just like to go inside and be an introvert and just read textbooks all day.” Undoubtedly not me. I like to talk, I like to hang out with close friends, I love basketball, I love sports.

Hello every person, my name is Alishia Ballard, and I am a structural engineer presently operating at San Francisco Public Operates. Structural engineers perform on all the plans in order to develop structures like bridges, infrastructure like massive buildings. Also performing analysis, figuring out if those structures are safe. Right here at the San Francisco Public Operates, I do issues like go out on web site visits and do bridge inspections. When we go out on a bridge inspection, we are looking at new issues that have occurred with that bridge. To see if one thing has occurred and that we want a repair quickly. We take these factors seriously for the safety of our neighborhood. Also aside from that, we go out on website facility visits for the distinct projects that we do, and just double verify dimensions, appear at the scope of the operate. You have to make sure that you are aware of almost everything going on, and then go back and make confident you design and style it until it can go via to the construction.

1 of the issues that I genuinely really like about becoming an engineer is getting in a position to help folks. Being portion of public works signifies that you are functioning for the public. You’d get a likelihood to give back to your neighborhood. All of the structures that I function on, every thing that I inspect is for the folks about me. The first issue that you have to do when you want to turn out to be an engineer is go to a college, that was my first step. I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Civil Engineering. My advise to students pursuing engineering, is absolutely locate a mentor. Locate a mentor while you are in high school, even middle school if you can. I located mentorship in my student organisation referred to as NASBE, National Society of Black Engineers. There were a lot of individuals that just cared to see me go somewhere. With that being mentioned, I went to a conference in San Francisco, and a recruiter picked me out and I got my chance here at San Francisco Public Functions.

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