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Saw Film production 1 of the largest countries, however, saw costs continue to decline, so that numerous factories suspended production simply because of low profits, collapsed, and abroad are quietly saw almost a hundred times the cost of getting into the Chinese industry and the smooth Pin Not undesirable. The author believes that China’s low-high quality alloy saw blade for two reasons.

1. Welding is a big plate difficulty

After we saw the Chinese most of the alloy manufacturer’s investigation, located that Chinese producers are attempting to saw methods to improve their product high quality. Most notably, more than 80% of China’s companies saw the difficulty of low good quality mainly in welding and in steel, I have received a domestic company sent more than the test item, the total new cases, truly There is a steel plate up to 30MM crack, if the saw blade in the rotational speed of up to 3000 ~ 8000, the quite most likely the outcome of a surprise, not to mention cutting out any excellent effects: the welding fastness is low, the alloy broken, by the oxidation of higher alloy, solder joints and other undesirable phenomena of a massive (at present 80% of companies in China saw much more than the present use of welding is butt).

2. The other explanation is that Chinese-created grinding accuracy is not sufficient.

We saw in the survey identified that China’s low production fees mostly to the massive number of positive aspects to reluctantly rely on export-oriented operating companies, are utilized in foreign trade in the most low-finish, most of its profits to foreign businesses to earn . To modify the high quality of enterprises in China have had to sacrifice massive cash buying imported totally automatic higher frequency welding gear. 5% of the companies which have purchased the German high-frequency welding equipment, automatic imports, one more five% of the enterprises to buy fully automatic welding gear in Japan. The organization bought automated gear investment in the obtain of gear and located a couple of million does not bring the items exported. Purpose for the import of high-frequency welding gear employing automatic raise up the high quality of the output but do not rise, the loss of the original positive aspects of Chinese businesses. Plus depreciation of machinery, export of merchandise following the charges of transportation expense is really high-priced, and foreign regional production of alloy saw blade up and down the price is not undesirable. Then use the Chinese-hand high-frequency welding gear, into the identical lowest expense can create 35 instances its production beyond the saw blade. Certainly China’s merchandise in the world can rapidly dominate the market place. Chinese people do not have to devote a lot of income to buy foreign blade. (Such as investment in a fully automatic imported higher-frequency welding gear want 700,000 RMB, the production of 1200 teeth / hour. Investment 700,000 RMB to buy Chinese-made hand-lowest output of high-frequency welding equipment can attain 42 000 teeth / hours.)