Campus Electronic Monitoring Technology In The Examination Space (photo)

tags In recent years, different sorts of examination malpractices in the examination of the discipline a lot more and much more, utilizing increasingly sophisticated means, has not only restricted to whisper, plagiarism and other easy tools, mobile phones, walkie-talkies, headsets and other electronic equipment, stealth grow to be a tool for fraud alone is merely a single teacher license Gubuguolai invigilator. Modern day surveillance gear and program will be applied to the examination method, and establish a campus network-primarily based digital, networked control technique, effortless to solve as well large monitor, handle points are as well difficult to monitor. Plus anti-air defense technology to test ways to monitor the entire method can be much better in check discipline and self-interest candidates.

By a network of students, far and wide

Years, as elevated investment in education, has been really the scale of campus construction. To address the campus expansion and management of the students bring far more inconvenience, campus security systems came into getting.

Campus safety systems, has usually been to monitor the program and alarm technique in two parts. Existing video surveillance method with DVR is at the core from the structure, to the distributed, digital, network, intelligent process of adjust, the basis point for every video. Alarm program from a single program or video system secondary portion, and the video technique to a security program with two essential components, and integration into a unified whole direction of development and security system has progressively grow to be a new design and style common.

Campus examination space security systems, and general safety has numerous similarities, there are a lot of functions:

1. Monitoring Point Distribution: single classroom focus on the area, but the big number of necessary monitoring to every single corner of the campus of the examination area.

two. Monitoring massive area: an location of generally larger in schools, the examination space distribution. Demand the program to support a number of routing methods, the best obtainable existing line, or allow multiple independent subsystems to facilitate the building and maintenance.

3. Monitoring action hidden objects: object specificity due to the fact the examination space monitor, monitor object movement varied, and really subtle, straightforward use of human observers as monitoring, will inevitably lead to false damaging phenomena

four. May be proof: to be able to multi-angle monitor, video, comfort charges happen, the initiative of proof.

five. Monitoring time: the entire examination time surveillance, video, and other papers issued to specific places, 24-hour surveillance.

6. Monitoring the front: front-finish with wide-angle lens, or Auto horizontal rotation and stay away from gaps.

7. Shadowing cost-free overlay: Distinct specifications for production in accordance with the shadow shield, to avert leaking exam questions.

8. Can be used for other applications: the examination area and the college security method to combine daily operate, the maximum play. VOD on demand systems for instance, can get a great degree of convenience.

And as banking, power, military and other industries distributed management, remote monitoring is a needed indicates of industrial management. Standard remote control, video transmission is generally utilized for specialized cable or microwave transmission, vulnerable to restrictions on terrain and line, and the higher cost, the typical user can not accept, consequently, hard to expand the applications. So how to network remote video surveillance and alarm systems, and broadband multimedia video service technique combining organic, so that both extended-variety monitoring, image transfer, the alarms, but also with intelligent manage, historical info and data to facilitate massive information function of the quantity saved, and the expense is affordable, can be a lot more effective in stopping, combating crime, the security technology to a new level, has turn out to be a technologies path for the improvement of prevention perform. With the popularization of laptop, applications, network communication technologies and image compression technology, fast development, utilizing the newest pc, communications, pictures, coding, decoding, storage, processing, transmission of digital photos via the network line, for networked alarm and remote video surveillance method to supply efficient and feasible and cost-effective resolution.