IJRE publishes and releases quality journals for the diffusion of knowledge relevant to these subjects. This journal would bring together those leading engineers, researchers, and scientists within the domain of interest from various parts of the globe.

Following topics for paper are suggested by IJRE and can be discussed in terms of similarity. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


Aeronautical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Agricultural Engineering
Applied or Advanced Science
Architecture & Planning
Audio Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Basic Science
Bio mechanical& Biomedical Engineering
Bio Technology
Biological & Bio system Engineering
Chassis Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Science Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electromechanical System Engineering
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Engineering Chemistry
Engineering Management
Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Maths
Engineering Physics
Engineering Sciences
Engineering Technology
Environment Engineering
Food Engineering
Food Technology
Forensic Engineering
Forensic Science and Technology
Forestry Engineering
Gas Engineering
Geo Technical Engineering
Geological Engineering
Information Technology
Industrial Engineering
Integrated Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Marine Engineering
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mineral & Metallurgical Engineering
Mining Engineering
Model Engineering
Naval Architectural Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
Ocean Engineering
Oil Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Production Engineering
Software Engineering
Sound Engineering
Structural Engineering
System Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering
Water Resource Engineering
and many more…

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