Cable Radio And Tv Main Reform Policies Have Been Based On Integration – Triple Play,

tags 20, held in Beijing “2009 China Digital Television Sector Summit Forum”, the State SARFT Science and Technologies Secretary Wang Xiaojie, once more, by the end of subsequent year, “a provincial network” basis, as soon as attainable, “a nationwide network of” the ultimate goal. She also disclosed that the departments concerned to attain this objective is to conduct analysis and prepare programs.

Participants in the forum, mentioned the reporter, the current broadcasting policy is primarily based on system integration currently have the essential set up for broadcasting as quickly as attainable to explore the improvement of regulatory and organization model, whilst closely ” Video “Improvement. In this regard, Shenzhen Coship Electronic Co., Ltd., Yuan Ming’s point of view is representative, he mentioned:” The next generation Radio and Television Network (NGB) “to boost the availability of television, but by no means made the Internet is to tv.

Stressed operator inter-regional integration WANG Xiao Jie in the subsequent generation wide network and broadcasting Digital Interpretation of policy, stated: dispersion pattern of existing cable networks, there are thousands of network operators do not meet the digital and ” Triple play “The development although to understand the digital, we have to 1st realize the scale of radio and tv networks, intensification and industrialization. In this regard, the ultimate purpose of SARFT, is the formation of a unified national cable network.

Policy, SARFT will support the company’s inter-provincial restructuring of the provincial network expansion whilst encouraging cable operators via technical output, operational model output, creating new company, and so on., for cross-regional integration. In addition, Wang Xiaojie emphasized the completion of the digital broadcasting network, primarily based on the way of reform, the function of operators should be converted from the traditional technical solutions into integrated details service provider.

Also in the development of digital Television, Film and Tv are speeding up the deployment of supporting policies WANG Xiao Jie mentioned: Administration of the frequency on the current national network preparing has been completed, involving 2,474 transmitters across the country, plans just before the finish of this year opened a lot more than one hundred cities in the country Digital Terrestrial Television , Next year above the level in the nation to the city open to all terrestrial digital Television.

Current network primarily based on smooth transition

“NGB’s improvement is not repeated investment, this is the NGB’s misunderstanding,” stated Wang Xiaojie, “the subsequent generation of wide network of road map is updated in our network infrastructure, the completion of the current two-way radio and television networks, digital transformation of the basis NGB company support platform to develop. “

It is worth noting that the digital transformation of radio and television system, the cost of carrying out higher yield rate has not been a corresponding rise. In addition, the application procedure, there are two-way radio and television networks to use as a one particular-way, lack of content material, platform, middleware, and other development troubles. In this regard, with the chairman of Yuan Ming Chau E, stated: focus on creating higher-end buyers by such implies as the essential funds to solve the problem.

The triple play for the future, the state data of the Advisory Committee and executive deputy director Zhou Hongren said that based on digital technologies, fiber technologies and IP-primarily based technologies on the basis of three “triple play” ought to not be basically carried out on the very same network for voice, video, and other organization concerns, but have to concentrate more on the industry chain Cooperation This is most most likely redraw the map of data market, the strength of the parties to be redrawn.

NGB is not to give up the video edge Ministry of Business and Telecommunications Study Institute

Deputy Chief Engineer, said Chen Jinqiao: The positive aspects of radio and television content, and some terminals, you need to preserve at them. In response, the market also pointed out that in exchange, no matter how the cable network transformation, from the end-user expertise on, or must concentrate on the “video” for solutions, “Tv made the Net can not.” 90% of NGB

future sources will be utilised to transmit video. Therefore, the industrial chain, which includes the media, set-prime boxes, cable operators and so on have to be jointly developed, the good results of the “video”, primarily based on the improvement of interactive television, monetary solutions and value-added services such as Television purchasing and stack information.