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2009 kitchen market output worth 1.85 trillion yuan, an enhance of far more than 12% in 2008. Outlook 2010, still hot house industry, strong getting demand, coupled with the rapid improvement of the inertia in 2009, generating

House Enterprises are nevertheless complacent, Bathroom Market is a matter of course placed higher expectations. Then baked “sanitary leader in the best ten” on the one hand provide a benchmark for the market and the energy of instance, on the other hand for the sanitary ware brand gives shoppers the proper decision.

Lately, in the “Technique 2010 Annual Osman ware” on the best Osman proposed “deep plowing secret agents, teamwork, constructing 3-dimensional

Marketing The new model “of strategic planning, its” three-dimensional advertising “and the 1st to allow the proposed FEA integrated advertising and marketing communication approach, causing the industry and the media properly studied, we can see that Osman is starting the 2010 campaign.

As the “Matthew Effect” revealed truth, “the powerful get stronger and the weak weaker,” the phenomenon is staged inside bathroom sector in the subsequent few years, companies will form a bigger bathroom neighborhood brands, “much more than a couple of super-powerful” will steadily kind a pattern.

Lately, China Developing Decoration Association chosen the “2009 Chinese Kitchen hundred enterprises” and “sanitary robust leader ten” list, at various institutions in the existing domestic sanitary choice of enterprises, China Constructing Decoration Association introduced in the reference worth of this choice is very great.

Hundred kitchen in 2009 list of organizations, fundamentally covering all the cabinets, bathroom,

Hardware , Accessories, electrical appliances, ceiling, shower space, bathroom cabinets and other significant market segments, properly-known brand, which by the Osman,

Kohler , Musician, East Tower, Leroy, Wai-tat, and into, constant cleaning, Fine, ten new music and other bathroom business constitutes a “sanitary leader in the prime ten” is the industry’s most influential brands bathroom put with each other.

Have veterans that this was a key kitchen brand in the true sense of the contest, but also a effectively-identified kitchen brand in assessment of the Competition. In truth, “the best 10 leaders in bathroom” and released, meaning far more than these, more importantly, reflects the rise of national brands and bathroom sanitary ware market place in China’s competitive landscape changes are taking location in China.

Sanitary signifies of diversification of competition

From standard channels, product competitors, to the brand and service levels of competition, from relying on distribution channels, retail outlets,

Television Sets, outside Advertisement , DM single other promotional channels, to root out the value of Internet advertising, sanitary implies of brand competition will become increasingly diverse. Speaking in advertising, except in price tag on an issue, the major brands will be much more to ‘go global’ strategy, a variety of Buyers, signings, community promotion, designer line, and so forth., will send useless.

, Of course, the solution of new technologies, new designs, new suggestions, new concepts are also essential to promote the natural indicates, such as very first proposed by Osman Bathroom “Bathroom evolution” concept, and promote “the entire bathroom space”, they played “Heart With the water moving, “” easy life “and other lifestyles and ideas, these approaches consistent with the demands of shoppers, offer customers with the comfort of life, whilst the enterprise to construct a strong competitive edge to give a guarantee. It can be anticipated that by 2010 China will be more sanitary business, intense competition, the strategy adopted will be a lot more revolutionary content and worth. Not only that, like event marketing and advertising, the topic marketing, event advertising, interactive marketing, marketing and FEA cartoon network and other innovative marketing integrated advertising and marketing communication tools will also grow to be an critical marketing company choices.

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