Buying Penny Stocks – A No Hype No Sales Intro to Purchasing Penny Stocks


The field of purchasing penny stocks is both ripe with possible and fraught with peril. On most areas on the Net you will find people either attempting to sell you anything by hyping and exaggerating all that buying penny stocks can be or providing cold, clinical web sites which offer good info but can be like reading a science textbook. With this write-up I hope to provide you an even-handed introduction to purchasing penny stocks.

A penny stock, according to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), is just any highly speculative low-value stock. When a stock is speculative it signifies the genuine worth of the share isn’t properly identified and that it is value is often dictated by hype and news rather than real tough data. A low-worth stock can mean anything distinct to several men and women.

A lot of people in the industry use 3 principal variables to define a penny stock (also referred to as a nano stock or a microcap stock). The 1st is its market place cap microcap stock is technically a stock with a market place cap under 250 million bucks even though a nano cap stock is beneath 50 million dollars. Some people use microcap and nano cap stocks interchangeably with penny stock. Nevertheless, others think that a correct penny stock is a microcap stock that also sells for beneath $ 5 per share. Additionally, some business insiders take into account the definition of penny stocks to be stocks which are listed on the OTCBB or Pink Sheets.

Ahead of you get roped into the hype and excitement by sketchy on the web personalities in the getting penny stocks planet, you need to recognize that there are many perils involved with acquiring penny stocks. As I described earlier, several of these stocks are listed on the OTCBB or Pink Sheets. These quotation solutions do not need the same minimum standards and level of public data as the significant exchanges (AMEX, NYSE &amp NASDAQ). For example, on the Pink OTC Markets (Pink Sheets), listing brokers don’t even want to file with the SEC.

In addition, penny stocks are often shares of unknown companies with quite tiny history. This makes them more hard to evaluate or predict. It also tends to make them far more susceptible to fraud as much less-than-ethical brokers prey upon the naive, hyping stocks in “boiler rooms” where they apply high stress sales and discourage independent study. You should never ever feel pressured into acquiring penny stocks or act on an impulse often do your due diligence.

A terribly frequent phenomenon and fraud scheme these days is the pump and dump. This is where a little group of investors publicly hypes a stock (even contriving information for they hype machine) and pressures a number of individuals to buy penny stocks fast and soon. This hype and rapidly purchasing artificially inflates the worth of the stock, at which point this tiny group of investors dumps the stock just before it can return to its organic worth.

So now you know what a penny stock is specifically and exactly where they are traded. You also ought to have a excellent notion of their risk and a couple of the certain fundamental problems with purchasing penny stocks.