Business Intelligence – Exactly where the Web Meets Human Resources


Data mining and enterprise intelligence by means of gather info more than the internet has turn into a key administrative job for the majority of companies in most industries. Researching the competition, sourcing detailed information on potential suppliers and clients as well as watching the political announcements have all been added to the work loads of employees – but what about gaining business intelligence on each current and possible employees?

My very first exposure to the perils of on the web privacy, or a lot more so the lack thereof, was receiving invitations from employees at a business that I was operating for to grow to be ‘Facebook friends’. As Facebook was new at the time I felt obliged to add them and them was taken aback when I stumbled across lately posted photographs of a number of employees members (ladies), in separate personal activities dressed in less than work-acceptable attire, intoxicated and posed in what could nicely be regarded by some to be a sexually explicit manner. Even much more shocked was I when one such photo featured alongside a picture of a specifically innocent seeking daughter of approximately college age.

Of course, getting social networking internet site, a single could then hyperlink to their friends and I discovered myself stumbling across the net web sites of other employees. Numerous had harmless photographs of loved ones, their trophy vehicles, bicycles or computers but other folks showed not just alcohol use but also pictures and references that tied staff to drugs and stopped just shy of implicating themselves.

Shocked at my evenings wanderings through Facebook profiles I turned off my screen and went to bed. As I place my head on the pillow I wondered if management knew about this social network of employees that broke the boundaries of organisational structure and the implications that information of particular staff members right after hours exploits might outcome in when they explained odd efficiency issues throughout work hours.

The following morning ahead of heading to the city I mused more than a single of my human resource management books more than my cereal. I discovered myself considering the effect of such information on my client’s prospective to legally employ, market and dismiss staff with no claims of discrimination. In contrast, I pondered what appropriate to privacy employees held when they openly share their following-hours exploits each publicly or with ‘invited friends’ on the internet. This conversation brought some really interesting discussions over the following weeks as we addressed some of the corporate issues with no my discussing what I had been exposed to.

So, what do managers require to do to safeguard themselves and their employer from the legal implications of employees actions on their personal time? Each, as component of the strategic policy improvement for this organisation and in future consultancy work we have effectively implemented every single the following points as policies that err on the side of caution for employers. We share them openly with you nowadays to inspire consideration of the point exactly where business intelligence meets human sources.

‘Hire and fire’ managers (such as the ability to promote or negotiate functioning circumstances) are not to add connections to or accept connection requests from subordinate staff either under their supervision or that of another manager on social networking or like web sites.
Under no situations are ‘hire and fire’ managers to ‘Google’ or research either present employees or applicants in recruitment processes outdoors of the explicitly stated procedures.
All pre-application recruitment documents are to explicitly state all locations exactly where details is sourced on applicants including usual sources (such as but not restricted to referee reports and credential validation) as properly as web sites which are to be explicitly stated (which includes but not restricted to internet sites referred to in their curriculum vitae and other specialist networking web sites such as LinkedIn).
All staff are encouraged to preserve their private lives private by enabling privacy functions on social networking net sites.
All employees are expected to preserve a individual reputation that reflects the core values and ethics of the organisation this contains any physical or internet-primarily based presence that can be related with the organisation. This consists of but is not restricted to individual actions taken while in employer branded clothing, while in the use of a perform vehicle or any site where there is reference to the organisation as their employer.