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tags In September this year, the U.S. subprime crisis triggered by the international monetary crisis, rates of steel raw materials and merchandise resulting sharp fall in the mainland market place, entered the cold stainless steel, recognized as “China’s steel town” and “steel town” wearing nanzhen much more bear the brunt. Including wearing South stainless steel marketplace, like a lot more than 400 businesses, the town nearly 1,200 businesses in general a loss of stainless steel, of which far more than 60% of the enterprises are in a reduce-off or semi-shutdown state, the rest are forced to limit production or altering merchandise. November 10, the renowned stainless steel firms to Specific Steel Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Hennessy, chairman of package Cunlin strand breaks and drowned himself because of funds, in a time of panic throughout the stainless steel sector.

Town, South stainless steel market place, the head put on, the organization Liu Yang (pseudonym) is still lying inside watching Tv, “a monetary tsunami, we have turn out to be less difficult. The past, this time it is busy Now the New Year, but even far more than idle. “whilst he smoked a cigarette, whilst stated with a slight laugh,” It is now no business, after lunch, each and every household will have begun a mahjong. “

Liu Yang, a stainless steel industry in the Dai Nam has opened a “mom and pop”, mainly engaged in stainless steel sheet.

60% reduce-off semi-reduce-off businesses Dainan in eastern Jiangsu Province Xinghua city, has always been well-known for the production of stainless steel merchandise organization. Nevertheless, this town’s total population of ten million folks, nevertheless, the number in stainless steel sector, as numerous as 60,000, an annual output of 700,000 tons of stainless steel goods, accounting for about 1-seventh of the total output. Introduced so many regional folks out when their homeland will be very proud to say that “wearing the South only the annual production of stainless steel wire can circle about the Earth 9.”

The exact same time, there are two franchise Dainan stainless steel raw components and merchandise, the skilled industry, that is wearing the South stainless steel marketplace and steel trading Dainan City. Presently, the two markets have far more than 400 merchants, the annual turnover has a lot more than 50 billion yuan in the industry’s influence ought to not be underestimated.

11 26 and 27, two days, two newspaper reporters came to the market place. Scene, wearing a steel trading town south around 90% of firms have been closed on, the organization is nonetheless in organization desires to come. Wenzhou Ji is still operating a business that numerous traders had been buying high value, but in the case of the value drop, sales of current prices certainly lose income, “do not do not as a loss” and as a result most Select a temporary suspension of company, such as re-opening right after the value rise, or go straight to the store purchase. His personal shop as much inventory is currently struggling to support their prime, but if markets deteriorate additional, I am afraid that inevitably ceased.

Wearing South stainless steel industry circumstance is considerably the same. Undertake a specific stainless steel logistics company workers, stated in the previous day or so at least send 50 tons of cargo, the business just can not meet the eight truck demand. But now a significant shortage of supply, the company had Web sourcing and freight charges per ton of cargo from the original 400 yuan to 300 yuan Even so, the day just before the operation was significantly less than half the volume. The depressed market place is evident.

Year price slump Jiucheng Dainan a stainless steel business owner, mentioned the Chinese steel business via the madness of 2006, soaring, the greater volatility in 2007. In September this year after the outbreak of the international financial crisis, the value is way crash. The main raw components such as stainless steel nickel costs in the earlier year by as a lot as 480,000 yuan per ton, in August this year to 15 million, while the existing price tag of only 7 million. Fell far more than 50% just three months, other parts of the raw material rates decline even up to about two-thirds.

Raw material prices have also led directly to the dramatic fall in rates of stainless steel merchandise, such as 304 stainless steel, the existing price tag of just over ten,000 yuan per ton.

In this context, the previous high worth of the goods bought have a substantial inventory shrink, and “The a lot more inventory, a lot more losses.”