Brand Advertising and Your Little Enterprise


Let’s begin with a definition. This is not an “official” definition it is just my definition of “Brand Advertising”.

“Brand Marketing” is any advertisement that does not include an provide.

Essentially the ad just says “Hey! Here I am. Appear at me.” The idea is that a prospective client or client will see the ad and when the instances come they will seek you out because you come to thoughts 1st.

There is no doubt that billions of dollars are spent on brand advertising every year by numerous of America’s biggest corporations. These glitzy high production value advertisements are produced by large marketing firms that charge their clients huge sums to make them.

There is only one problem.

It can be challenging or not possible to know for sure how successful a brand advertising campaign has been.

Do you keep in mind the Taco Bell Chihuahua? In the late 1990’s he became a pop icon. The ads were hugely common. Then Taco Bell abruptly stopped operating them in 2000. (If my memory serves me correctly.) Rumors circulated that the Chihuahua had died so they quit operating the advertisements.

The true reason is perhaps much more surprising.

The promotion merely wasn’t generating any cash. Even though the ads were really popular, they weren’t efficient. In 2000 the very same store sales have been down 6%. That implies that the very same retailer sold (on typical) six% Significantly less in the year 2000 then it did in 1999. Even although our little buddy was at the peak of his fame.

A enormous firm like Taco Bell can afford to commit millions on marketing. But as a little company owner you can’t.

Direct Marketing and advertising

Direct marketing is marketing that can be measured. (Again, this is my definition.) It is the very best type of advertising for any modest enterprise.

Limit your marketing promotions to these that have the highest ROI (return on investment). This may possibly seem obvious (and it is) but I am always surprised at how many modest company owners never measure the effectiveness of their advertising.

Case in point – yellow page marketing. Do you have a paid yellow web page ad? How a lot income did it bring in final year? If you had several ads, which a single preformed the ideal?

I would bet one particular complete American dollar that less than 1 in 100 modest organization owners could answer those queries.

Make a Measurement Program Initial

Before you fork out any income for an advertisement choose how you will track it initial. Will you send them to a specific web site? Will you have them bring in a coupon or coupon code? The precise technique does not matter.

Just be certain that you can measure the ROI of the campaign. To do that you want to know specifically how a lot you spent (simple) and exactly how a lot it produced. (not possible if you happen to be not tracking.)

The 1 Massive exception

There is one big exception to the “Do not use brand advertising” rule. There is one particular source of targeted traffic and customers that is


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