Book Promoting Truths – When Authors Lie About Their Book Sales


1 issue that I have learned over the course of my 5 year writing and book promoting profession is that other writers lie. They lie about their numbers when they sell books, they lie about their critiques, they lie about how major publishers are interested in their books, and they lie about how they are carrying out all round.

Do not Think the Hype
Never ever believe almost everything that an additional self-published author tells you. The probabilities are that they are carrying out the precise very same or even worse than you as far as book promoting.

My rule of thumb: if one more author finds it essential to brag to you about how several copies he or she has sold, divide that number by 15 to get the true figure!

For a quick time, I decided to sell my self-published novels on the streets of New York. (Speak about the school of difficult knocks!) I would constantly meet other authors who did the very same factor and claimed to sell instances and cases of their titles in just a few hours on the streets.

I would say to myself wow, how did they sell books like that? Meanwhile, I was fortunate to sell about 20 books in a four hour period, and I had a damn great sales pitch. So this produced me really feel as if there was one thing wrong with me — was I not pushing my novels challenging sufficient? Was the title and cover unattractive? Should I chase individuals down the street?

The Book Selling Truth is Revealed
One day, I happened to set up shop down the block from one more author who was constantly generating these grandiose book selling claims. For the couple of hours I was there, he barely sold 4 copies. Possibly five.

In another case, I attended a book fair and sat straight next to an additional author. He bald-face lied to my face about selling two cases of books when barely 15 folks came to his table the whole day.

Moral of the stories: don’t believe the hype you hear from other authors about their sales.

Books Sold versus Books Shipped
In addition, even authors who are published by big houses will lie and fudge their figures.

For instance, say a new author below a big or mid-sized publisher claims to have “sold” 100,000 copies. In reality that is most likely the quantity of copies that were shipped to shops not yet sold to an finish user/reader.

The majority of these books will probably be returned in due time to the publisher and be sold at reduce price costs till they’re lastly gone, which could take years.

Focus on Your Own Book Promoting
So don’t think almost everything that other authors say, and do not let their claims of good results discourage you.

In reality, it is my powerful belief that you need to not even rub noses with other self-published authors. Thoughts your own organization and hold sales data private when you sell books. Do not go over your sales figures and earnings with other authors. There is as well considerably catty behavior, lies, and deceit. (This is a big reason why a lot of publishing houses and established authors do not take self-published authors seriously.)

Finally, if you are a new self-published author, do not participate in this lying behavior to make oneself appear far better when you sell books! Have some integrity and respect for your craft. Just focus on your own book selling activities and you will develop.