Blu-ray Technologies Requires The ‘small Is Beautiful’ Route

tags Blu-ray technologies is closely following the path of that for playing and recording standard DVDs, in acquiring significantly smaller. The small is lovely maxim has long been applied to many types of gadget such as stereo equipment, computer systems and mobile phones and now the technical wizards are on a comparable quest, to downsize the gear into which blu-ray capability is fitted.

One of the worlds major electronic gear companies has just unveiled a Blu-ray player and recorder combined with a difficult disk drive, which weighs just 2.2kg or just under 5lbs and has a 320GB difficult disk capacity. This is familiar territory for the leading technology businesses, who see size or lack of it as a key promoting point for practically all of their merchandise.

Blu-ray is considered by the technically-minded to be the next step up in technologies from the common, and nonetheless most frequent format of DVD. The term blu-ray comes from the laser which is utilized to read the content of the discs. The big benefit of blu-ray discs more than the common DVD format is that they contain two layers of recordable capacity, which means that double the amount of material films or photos can be recorded onto a single disc.

A dual-layer blu-ray disc boasts 50 gigabytes of storage space, against the common 25 for a DVD or single-layer blu-ray equivalent. Transportable blu-ray players are the newest iteration of the evolution of the medium. Competition amongst the major players competing in the field is intense, which means that new innovations are brought to market place relatively speedily, giving the buyer the benefit of the latest advances speedily.

There is no doubt, even though, that one of the huge advantages of Blu-ray technologies is its potential to store huge quantities of data. A common dual-layer Blu-ray disc can accommodate about 23 hours of regular-definition video, and about nine hours of high-definition programming. Of course, portability of Blu-ray discs is once more a key advantage of these over the use of an HDD player.

It is also claimed that, due to new kinds of difficult coatings which have been developed, a Blu-ray disc is more resistant to scratches and other surface imperfections. And if the format is to be created particularly with portability in mind, then this will be anything which Blu-ray users will be extremely pleased to know.

In the lengthy-term, Blu-ray is expected to supersede DVD as the pre-eminent format for transportable audio and video, and the speed with which new players with new capabilities are appearing suggests that makers and retailers are staking considerable investment in that happening.