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tags Dec. 1 news Blu-ray Disc Association, leader of the team in China to market Zhao Keishi, Vice-Chairman and Vice Chairman Liu Yi WANG Xi guest Sina science and technologies nowadays, with surfers of the Blu-ray into the Chinese year of production and promotion of the domestic scenario. Zhao Keishi that Blu-ray Disc and Washer Rates had fallen drastically more than the previous year, by virtue of scale, the price tag of the Chinese marketplace more rapidly deceleration than abroad. The following is the content material of interviews

Record: Yong Moderator: Hello, everybody you friends, right now we are honored to go to China to market Blu-ray Disc Association, Group Leader Mr. Zhao Guizhi, Blu-ray Disc Association, Vice Chairman, Mr. Wang Xiwen China to promote the Blu-ray Disc Association to market Chinese Group Vice-Chairman Mr. Liu Yi guest Sina chat room.

Moderator: Blu-ray to buyers in China is no longer a stranger to higher-tech terms, it is into the home entertainment. With the market place Blu-ray players and Blu-ray Disc DVD The steadily, more folks came into speak to with the real Blu-ray products, and even have the chance to knowledge the complete high-definition Blu-ray house entertainment brought shock, Blu-ray is top the House Appliances The new fashion.

The finish of 2009, Blu-ray build total industrial chain in China, will mark the 1st anniversary of the Blu-ray improvement in China, how, in the future direction of development of what is, there are several concerns raised by our customers, these days, on Let the audience replied.

Hottest Blu-ray is a handful of years ago, and when the HD-DVD higher-definition normal values of the struggle to do the time, that time can frequently be observed in the media Blu-ray, but Blu-ray wins following its development in Europe and the United States much more very good, but men and women in China is nevertheless reasonably unfamiliar with the problems collected from our point of view, numerous folks are not blue, in the finish the following invited guests about what is Blu-ray interpretation.

What is Blu-ray Zhao Keishi: What is Blu-ray, in truth, simply speaking up Blu-ray is various from the traditional DVD, why the get in touch with it blue, we all know that DVD is the existence of a laser to study CD data, the preceding DVD red laser, why is it named red? We divided into red and blue, in accordance with the laser wavelength, the longer the wavelength, that it is in the red light region, called a red laser. Why is it referred to as Blu-ray now? It means that the wavelength of the laser than our previous DVD has a lot more shorter wavelength, say that what could be more probably to technology. It basically speaking, that is, the length of the wavelength, I break out the laser light is a lot more sophisticated, so I read the information stored in the CD range will be significantly less. With traditional DVD than Blu-ray to access data in the space of only one-fifth of other words, now is the blue a single inch is 5 occasions that of traditional DVD, and now 25G, DVD is four.7 G, is 5 times the connection. Of course, this is the capacity difference. Why do we want to create Blu-ray this issue, the actual goal is pals slowly recognize that it has entered into higher-definition content material era, since customers need to get a lot of them at residence plate in high-definition Television, you can be at house in some locations see higher-definition tv. In truth we are now, DVD is regular definition, so now to develop this point, is to use a blue disc, you can record a complete 1080P higher definition video, this is our goal.

Moderator: Now for the average consumer, and now Blu-ray discs and Blu-ray player rates on Chinese customers is still higher, buyers are now concerned about the popularity of the course in the Blu-ray nevertheless common, the price reduction How a lot space, we believe the price tag from 150 to 200 yuan or greater, this is the actual dilemma.

Zhao Keishi: It can be noticed on the concern cost, Blu-ray merchandise to China practically a year, merchandise with a larger beginning point, more than time, can be seen in the previous 12 months, the price of CD-ROM and the washer has a very substantial price decline, we count on in the future will be like the other Electronic Goods, the price tag will go even reduced price tag.