Blog Article Submission

The publication of the research blog article in IJRE is free-of-charge. As part of the submission and publication process, authors are required to ensure to comply with all of the following items or submission will be rejected:

  • The submission has not been previously published and passed plagiarism check (plagiarised article will not be published and author will be black-listed).
  • The submission file is in Microsoft Word format.
  • Any charts and graphics are upload in .jpeg/.jpg/.png/.bmp format.
  • Author details such as name, academic/professional qualifications, affiliations and a brief biography are suggested to be included.

Can I post my contents to both blogs? No. While we don’t tell you what to write, we don’t permit double-posting the same content to the same blog and would elect not to have you host a blog on IJRE if that’s an issue. We do this because Google doesn’t like it when the same content is double-posted, potentially impacting traffic to all our blogs.

Is my article totally free to publish in IJRE and permanent? Yes, and your research article will be shared with millions of researchers worldwide.

Blog Article Submission

How can I get paid for my blog? As an incentive to your effort in writing, we will pay the blog author (via Paypal) when the article share via social media reached or over 200. The payment details will be discussed individually between the author and editorial office.

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If You feel any difficulty in submission, please email us at [email protected]