Biomedical Detonated Pharmaceutical Business Promotion Organizing Unit Set


Medicine Fetal movement revitalization program Medicine Repeated upside value Chinese stocks into the market place yesterday

primary breakthrough, by the close, Health-related Devices Residence plate as a complete rose 2.89 % increase for all sectors of the first plate, biological Pharmacy Also harvested, followed by 1.65%. Among local stocks, Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain and Guangzhou Pharmaceutical (600,332, stock it) (referred to as Guangzhou Pharmaceutical) showed vibrant, the day the former rose 8.three%, to close at 15.65 yuan which rose 6.75%, to close at 13.92 yuan.

Though Standard Chinese medicine Components prices rose sharply yesterday and the medicine in common intraday stocks triggered the outbreak, but the overall strength plate is organizing for the revitalization of bio-pharmaceutical business was as soon as once again put on the agenda.

Value enhance trend of Chinese medicine market is approaching

From getting held in the 107th Canton Fair news by Southwest drought, reduce herbs, hot funds speculation and other elements, the prevalence of domestic Chinese medicine rates rose sharply, costs of some medicines Lianfan numerous instances. Such as this newspaper has a piece on March 26, “March 7 skyrocketing, 4 pharmaceutical stocks below pressure”, which survey, “March 7 than in preceding years the cost has gone up 67 times the.”

The business believes that, from the existing atmosphere, our proprietary market or will have a new round of cost increases. At present, simply because much more migrant workers of rural labor, the human cost of traditional Chinese medicinal plant expanding, and medicine in recent years simply because of low rates brought on by “drug costs are low, farmers,” volatility in planting area, the marketplace provide shortage, resulting in Chinese herbal medicines is hard to balance supply and demand, price stability difficult to keep the general predicament.

“The current volatility of costs of raw materials is probably to pass in the second half to the Chinese completed merchandise market, resulting in proprietary Chinese medicines in China industry retail costs up. At present part of the pharmaceutical companies are also rising domestic brewing Sell Price tag, value enhance actions may be related to being implemented in the second half. “These are so named.

Stimulated by the news, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical yesterday disk 1st force, and related the rise of a powerful pharmaceutical sector. The raw material constantly expand the Baiyun Mountain is strong. Essential institutions in the 1st quarter holdings

Aspects in addition to price increases, are anticipated for a long time planning the revitalization of bio-pharmaceutical market will quickly emerge. April 29, Division 1 Higher-tech Industry Improvement and Reform Commission official told the media that “bio-pharmaceutical sector by advertising industry improvement arranging is nonetheless under study, estimated in August to comprehensive the improvement work.” Involved in program development of the experts mentioned “program is mostly led by the NDRC, the Ministry of Market, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and other ministries involved in, 1 soon after an additional not too long ago performed a number of discussions, seminars are also some enterprises to participate.” Ministry of Business and Details Technology Operation Monitoring and Coordination Bureau Xin Guobin also disclosed that the Ministry of Business together with relevant departments to total the info network, biological medicine, new Power Car 3 places of specific argument session.

Fang Jian also stated news that the nation “12 5” plan, will be a strategic new business-led transformation of financial development. This time will be incorporated into the revitalization of bio-medicine, “12 5” strategy, a core technique to help emerging industries, as a crucial to foster the improvement of object.

Marketplace funds had some prophetic action. In the fourth quarter of 2009, 56 funds biggest holding in the pharmaceutical sector, shares of 25 companies in the 1st quarter of 2010 continue to be jiacang. Statistics show that a single quarter of medicine, biological products, with total market value of all shares of the market value accounting for the proportion of funds was 6.85%, its market place capitalization accounted for A-share listed company’s total market place capitalization ratio was 3.64% compared with the ratio of super fund three.21% compared with the fourth quarter of 2009 improved by 1.25%.