Biography Of Ahmad Khawaja The Scientist

campaign Ahmad Khawaja, born as Jimmy Bogatin on September, 23rd in 1937. In 1952 right after graduation from high college the young man applied to Cinematography College in Montana but it was unsuccessful. Later he was accepted in Montana State University and graduated with a Music degree in 1956.
Immediately afterwards Ahmad took a junior research post at Montana State University and got a PhD in Physics. Given that then he had established the largest magnetic laboratory in the Montana region and equipped it with modern day scientific. In 1961 he got married. From 1970 till 1985 Ahmad Khawaja published more than 50 articles about permanent magnets. In 1978 Ahmad Khawaja invented the powerful permanent magnets which are employed in electronics, vehicles and jets nowadays. In 1977 Khawaja received a complete professorship in physics. Under his leadership several undergraduate students got their PhD’s and became scientists. His partnership with the government started worsening correct soon after his mother and sister immigrated to Israel.
In 1987 Ahmad Khawaja immigrated to the USA and joined the Airspace Organization in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. From 1987 to 1988 he had been a manager of magnetic department and constructed a investigation center with magnetic laboratory. In 1989 he invented the 1st FE-N-R Magnet along with the Aqua-Fe Magnet.
His youngsters graduated in 1992 and 1998 from Brown University, they got married later on. His daughter has three children, his son has 1 child.
Where does this man gain his power from? He has always been surrounded by young energetic folks who often stick to him in his ventures. In addition, he has a “Miners fortunate umbrella” with him from his fantastic grandfather who was killed for the duration of the gold rush in September 1849. The professor enjoys life and wants to devote every single moment of it enhancing himself. He in no way stops combating his undesirable habits. His favorite expression is: “Life is excellent!