Biggest Mobile Mummy Exhibition


Mummies are usually considered the most miracle artifacts left from the previous. They are not only of great significance to scientific researches but also a stunning art. The ancient Mummies are now to return in the exhibition named “World’s Mummies”- the world’s ever greatest mobile mummy exhibition. The exhibition was opened at the California Science Center, Los Angeles yesterday with 45 mummies and artifacts from 15 museums in seven countries. After that, the mummies are displayed in the mobile exhibition about the United States in three years. Let’s have look at the scary but crucial mummies displayed.


The mummy of a Peru four year old child that died at about 1334 AD


A mummy’s face via a microscope


The head of an Egyptian mummy


Face of a woman mummy from Peru


The mummy of a lady in South America has two tattoos on her breasts and face


Mummy named Geiern Baroness von Schenck from Germany


Mummy of 1 year old baby named Johannes Orlovitz


Veronica Orlovits’s mummy, a woman living in 19th century


Mummy of a man located in the Atacama Desert, Chile




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