Big Data, VR and Block: how new professions conquer the market

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The media writes that soon Artificial Intelligence will take people’s jobs. And our experts say that the future is for new professions. Therefore, we need to find out how to connect life with big data, VR or blocking.

Big data

Artur Khachyyan, the founder of SocialDataHub

“A noticeable trend of the last two or three years – earlier it was important to collect data, store them and be king of the mountain. And now people began to understand that it is not cool to collect and store data – all of this was learned to do, an even more significant programmer can write a system of data collection and storage. There is no difficulty in this. And people began to understand that the main thing is analysis, the isolation of facts.

In this area, we need not purely programmers or data analysts. This is a story at the intersection of the humanitarian and technical specialty: when you need to collect and store data, and analyze them correctly, and on the basis of this tell a story. In a sense, in the Higher School of Economics, in the magistracy, we train such specialists – these are the data journalists. They know how to program and analyze, they can write texts. I think that in the next two or three years the market will change towards such multi-specialists.

The approach to the analysis of social networks has changed. A couple of years ago there was a peak in the development of companies that are monitoring, this time is a metric, like a tonality. If you are badly spoken about, you earn little, and if it’s good, you earn a lot. Now the analysis has gone from the parameter of the number of references to the qualitative analysis of this audience. Somewhere, he gives 2% profit, somewhere – 62%. For example, conditional Burger King gives its subscriber a promotional code for free food. It seems as though by accident. In fact, behind this is a gigantic algorithm that analyzes the potential of this person in attracting a new audience. Or, for example, the mother of a two-year-old child suddenly receives some kind of children’s food as a present. In fact, this algorithm covers the whole grid of mothers of two-year-old children.

Moms stand out in social networks. A pregnant woman at least once reported her pregnancy in social networks. For example, she writes: “Hello, I’m in the third month.” And we understand that at the right time she will give birth and take a picture, or her husband will take a picture. And galloped off. From 0 to a month, she is offered one advertisement, then another. And then she receives a message: “Maria, in 7 days your child has a birthday, you can rent this cafe.”

To work with large data, you need to learn math. Higher mathematics, linear algebra and what is called TPKP – the theory of functions of a complex variable. In 2017 there was such a boom in the profession – all the good programmers went to the data analysts to get a plus of 50,000 to the salary. But in fact, to be cool, you also need to learn Python and a couple of libraries for machine learning. You need a lot of basic knowledge.

I think that this profession has not become customary yet. But in the next two or three years will be. Now only large companies can afford their own cool data analysts. The more service companies appear, the sooner the profession will become something ordinary. “

A virtual reality

Maxim Kozlov, CEO at Interactive Lab

“We work in the advertising field. In 2015, when VR only appeared, there were a lot of advertising projects. Our first project is a bike race. Sit down, twist the pedals, but you are in virtual reality at the same time. Then in 2016, the same project was released for a mobile helmet.

First, there was a wave of a 360-degree video. Everyone wanted to shoot such a video, everyone wanted to move to another reality. This tool was suitable for any direction – from training to advertising and entertainment. Then the clients wanted something more appropriate to their tasks. But at first, it was advertising campaigns, presentations, cinemas and so on. Now the first wave has passed, everyone has played in VR and wants real solutions that will work as effectively as possible for the business. Previously, the goal was to surprise the client, give them a try, and now with the help of VR-glasses they want to train employees, choose their own apartment.

When the first virtual reality helmet came out, the manufacturers took care of and released such an editor – Unity. In it, most developers create their own projects for virtual reality. This transition to the new technology was easy enough because there were all the tools to sort out. Complexities could be related only to the fact that this is not a flat screen, but 360-degree content. Here is a completely different approach and more important is the thought over of content than programming. The biggest problem in virtual reality is motion sickness.

The mistake is that you can not take some steep creator and tell him: do us a project under VR. He will need a minimum of a month to understand and understand what it is all, by what laws works. All creators need experience. If we talk about development – a programmer who knows what Unity is and did there already some simple project, just two or three days to dive in and make some application for virtual glasses.

A powerful driver now is VR-games, they move everything. Now there are a lot of theme parks, entertainment centers. You and your friends come to some room, around your arena, you solve puzzles, kill monsters, come up with games. Through this, the user gets acquainted with the virtual world. And when he buys his helmet, the second wave is the desire to play at home. Games that have been adapted for virtual reality already exist and will continue to appear. Unfortunately, this does not happen very quickly. Because not so many devices are bought in the world and manufacturers are slow to adapt the game.

If you do not like to play, then for you there is 360-degree content, training content, cartoons. You can watch hockey in 360. A lot of decisions, when you just plunge somewhere and look at the picture, practically not participating. Or, for example, you need to train 1000 people to act in the same scenario. With the help of glasses, you can program the whole process. Training is very in demand. And many companies, including Russian ones, are developing such products.

Virtual reality greatly helps in real estate sales. We have developed such a platform, through which customers can look at the virtual reality glasses in the layouts, walk around the apartment at a scale of 1: 1. And this really speeds up the decision-making process. It already looks strange when you can not see a live apartment that you buy for several million. Acceleration of decision making increases sales. Therefore, the massive use of VR will be in real estate as well. This saves time “.


Sergey Lonshakov, developer, project manager Airalab

“Over the past two years, a lot of people of very different professions have been involved in the work with block projects. It was easier to find interested in cooperation, based on the knowledge of only the subject of discussion (technology). In principle for our R & D team, nothing has changed. And in 2015, and today it is necessary to study innovations from key developers – Bitcoin, Ethereum and other well-known projects. It is necessary to try in work of technology and to adapt under realities of opportunities which are today.

The first twenty coinmarketcap shows well that technology is becoming more familiar, it can be applied in absolutely any areas. Summarizing, there are many projects that together implement new global public institutions – a decentralized financial system, a decentralized Internet.

In the sphere, there is a shortage of specialists with experience and a suitable paradigm of thinking. The developers are in demand, first of all, then the business maidens. To start your project or come to work in an already established team, you first need to read and understand the tasks and solution methods described in Bitcoin Whitepaper and Ethereum Whitepaper. This is the first thing to begin with. “

How new professions influence the market: expert opinion

Kirill Kuznetsov, Head of the Department of Professional Guidance, “Humanitarian Technologies”

“We see that now there is a transformation. But it is not tracked by the example of any one profession but is visible in the general situation. For example, before you get an education and work for a long time in this profession. And now you are learning one, then another, and at work, you have the opportunity to learn something third. The position has become a set of competencies that you bring to the company. This is the trend of the future – when the employee is not a narrowly focused specialist, he can give the company more.

Communication, creativity, critical thinking and teamwork are known 4K, the competence of the future. This is what any current student will need, wherever he goes to work. These competencies create new professions, give context. So, communication skills are necessary for any engineer – it is not enough to make a detail, you need to be able to tell about it. And the working person also needs to change – you need to invest in training. If this is not done, stagnation occurs very quickly.

For our own research, we interviewed regional enterprises – who will be in demand in the next three years. Only for such a period, they can approximately predict their need for cadres, and then there are too many influencing factors. We found out that now the regions have a request for 70% of the staff with secondary education. For example, a horseman. It would seem that I do not want to robotize, but no, these specialists are in demand.

The enterprises themselves surprisingly little invested in robotics. The process of mass automation, obviously, will take a lot of time. Progress will go, but much more slowly than we would like. From the communication with recruiters, I know that companies are more expensive to robotize than to continue paying their salaries. Since Russia now has a very low minimum wage threshold.

Artificial intelligence not only processes information but also generates new information. Although neural networks are already in use, it is still far from full artificial intelligence. If robots and projects with artificial intelligence replace people, the now known areas are automated – the population will be engaged in something new. So far, it’s hard to replace a person. “

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