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tags 09 finish of the year, LED hot crucial words as the annual IT business, not only in the industry launched a massive visual revolution, but in the end marketplace boom triggered a sustained attention. LED Technology Its environmental protection, power saving, lengthy life and a lot of other positive aspects, quick access to public view, totally capture the public visual window. Like LED Tv , LED projector, LED LCD display, LED electronic and other LED products including a variety of sorts, really sturdy development momentum.

Top brand in the global 3C BenQ BenQ to lead the LED Show revolution began the very first of a series launched range of LED LCD. Meanwhile, in 2009, Projector BenQ sales champion in China has introduced LED Projector ?? Ultra-tiny size of the GP1. LED energy-saving environmental protection GP1 Light supply Low energy consumption, heat a modest, long service life of 20,000 hours, and can maintain long-lasting impact as new.

GP1 won design and style innovation and technologies, men and women, customers and the media adore and recognition, in a few days ago announced the iF International Style Awards (known as industrial design and style known as Oscar), the GP1 it with its environmental benefits of power saving LED light source and the Pocket Projector The ultra-portable functionality won the 2010 iF Design and style Award, in December also was an authority on media “Life Week” recognition, was named “2009 Very best Product Design and style Award” has created a new era of individual mobile projector .

“BenQ GP1 built-in three LED bulbs, maximum power is only 60 watts, much less than 1 watt standby energy consumption, which undoubtedly changed the Projector 200 watts of power at each and every turn Technologies Standard, ultra-low standby energy consumption also indicates lowered time corresponding to switch machines. LED light bulb in the visual effects triggered by outdoors pocket of let GP1 a chance to break the conventional sense Projector Design and style line. No longer demanding massive Projection Distance Recent .two m from the wall, you can find a projection to the focus of GP1. … … Wealthy sufficient Technology Application of reserves, sufficient to mature the visual requirements of these ultra-transportable pocket BenQ GP1 Projector The emergence of the World wide web we see a related style of this Technologies Style philosophy, projection of light and shadow expertise threshold is becoming quietly pulled down, but enough thought to design and style routines, and did not stop at the second pocket Pc Like the quick trend behind in GP1, micro- Projector Is taking shape just before the arrival of the surge tide of the prelude … … “” Life Week, “described on the BenQGP1 to.

BenQ BenQ projector sector as a leader in LED Projector Respect Xu Li has been a lengthy time, one more wave of LED Show revolution erupted.

2010 BenQ will also launch more to meet the needs of diverse populations LED projector merchandise. According to BenQ Projector Division, the accountable individual stated, BenQ LED Projector Adhere to-up improvement effort focused 1st on Brightness Upgrading to accommodate more light environment followed Resolution Greater, bringing high quality enhancement, BenQ in the exhibition this year InfoComm2009 LED show Projector W30000, although not but listed, but this LED light source for 1080p Projector Interest, very high future LED Projector The volume will be a lot more compact, and it will with Battery Function can be anyplace without energy projection is far more appropriate for mobile workplace, go play use In addition, Projector The interface will turn into increasingly rich, straightforward connection, including U disk, SD card, USB, iphone, HDMI and other sorts of gear, supported video formats will be more and a lot more.