Benefits of Structural Drawings in Steel structure design fabrication


Structural drawings aids engineer clearly comprehend design ideas and building specifications. These drawings are prepared in compliance with nearby or general sector requirements. In basic, the contractor prepares all the drawings along with supporting documents to be submitted to Engineer. Drawings and documentation which do not include the name, signature and trade number of the contractor ought to be returned for completion.

All drawings shall be full in each and every respect and must be thoroughly checked by the contractor ahead of submission to engineer. Each contract drawing should be provided with a title block at the bottom appropriate hand corner. It should show following items:-
•  Trade name of the contractor
•  Drawing quantity of the contractor
•  Title of the drawing
•  Correct coding for displaying the latest revision
•  A common note offering particulars about the total steelwork detailed in the sheet

Typically, beam and column end connections are detailed accurately for better understanding of the structural connections. Normal base plates for columns are subjected to axial loads and should comply with local creating code recommendations and fabrications standards.

Structural design and style is the duty of the contractor and all the structural calculations must come with following items:-
•  Complete description of all loads transferred to the foundations by the structure
•  Comprehensive description of any specific instructions, if required
•  Summary of the design concept, design criteria and other considerations

Final basic arrangement drawings which are ready by the Contractor are submitted to the Engineer of Record (EoR) for approval. The contractor is also accountable for supplying Shop detail drawings. These drawings are submitted to the EoR for approval at least 30 days prior to sent to fabrication shop. Shop drawings must be attached to the marked up plans or erection schedules.

The contractor might not approve the drawings and documents if they are incomplete, erroneous, illegible and do not comply with drawing standards. In any case if structural drawings and building documents are not authorized by the contractor, they ought to be redirected to shop drawer for modifications and re-submitted for approval.

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