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tags According to an authoritative survey data show that in 2009 China
Projector Sold more than 770,000 units, compared with far more than 25% growth in 2008. Accomplish this glorious victories or

Economic Crisis and several other adverse aspects obtained beneath the joint action, which had individuals seeking forward to 2010.

2010 years, as the economy continues to recover, the projector will be a lot more breakthroughs in the market, according to investigation firm associated to the details offered, the projector marketplace in 2010 anticipated to exceed 1 million units sold mark than 20% boost over 2009.

2010 Projector Sales exceeded a million units, to accomplish high growth, in addition to
Education Marketplace stability, mostly due to “cultural sharing” and “classes in communication,” the two government procurement

Project To buy this massive-scale Projector . Especially the “culture of sharing” this year’s procurement will be more than 10 million units, even though not long ago appeared in Shaanxi and Anhui provinces about the massive one million is only the

Project Prelude to a large number of purchases only. Therefore, the
Projector Vendors if you want to comprehensive the ambitions established in 2010, in the “cultural sharing” projects is vital to obtain victories.

According to incomplete statistics, only the 1st quarter of 2010 alone a lot more than 20,000 units

Projector In the “cultural sharing”
Project In Effective . Which made the award-biggest single-brand, but there are numerous wonderful single by Japanese brands.

Domestic brands, Seattle and BenQ Momentum of the most fierce. Starting of the year 2010, the Henan cultural sharing

Project Procurement projects, Ya Figure 4 products received a lot more than 2,000 units on the large a single. Then share in the Gansu Cultural

Project Procurement project, won the 1256 Seattle LX641 big single bed. BenQ is also the cultural sharing Henan

Project The gains quite very good. The Japanese brands, Hitachi and NEC Stroll in front of the other vendors. Shanxi Cultural Sharing

Project Government procurement, the 1000 Taiwan NEC NP215 + bid, and in this area just before the NEC in Guangxi

Tender , By virtue of N405C Projector Outstanding performance winning in a number of government million buy large single. NEC to share in the culture

Project In large single-award, Hitachi is also eager for cultural sharing in Gansu Province
Project Of Tender Activities had been almost 3,000 of Hitachi HCP-2600X
Projector And a lot more than 3,000 of Hitachi HCP-2200X
Projector Huge single. NEC NP215 + National Cultural Details Resource Sharing
Project (Hereinafter referred to as “cultural sharing
Project “) Is the national” Eleventh 5-Year Program “is a single essential measure of its commitment to digital sources as the core, in order to concentrate on main service network to a variety of means of communication as a signifies to creating and sharing as the standard means into resource-rich,

Technology Advanced, convenient service, the quantity of urban and rural cultural service technique, therefore breaking the data-poor situation in backward regions, narrowing the “digital divide” so that grassroots people to get pleasure from the fine cultural and sensible technologies can bring happiness.

Cultural share from 2009 Project Projector Effective brand of view, this is nevertheless not significantly adjustments. 2009 In addition to BenQ, Haier, Lenovo, Seattle and other domestic brands had a productive session, the Hitachi and NEC, and Samsung has a slight gains.

View the past two years cultural sharing Project Projector Productive brand of view, is not hard to find a a lot more strange, much more domestic brands, Japanese brands are frequently only two of Hitachi and NEC and a quantity of domestic brands in competition. And the effective brands have a widespread, almost four years of price tag wars are the main members. BenQ Needless to say, and it is a value war initiated by the principal member. Haier, Lenovo, and Seattle, Samsung is played low cost card members. The Hitachi and NEC have launched the brand in the domestic price tag of the war, to inspire the growing resistance to the Japanese recession

Projector Market place, as the Japanese launch of the brand in two of the handful of low-price
Projector And domestic Projector Common competitive low-end marketplace brand.
Why such a large cake, with the participation of most of the brand so frequent? Why quite handful of other brands of Japanese culture to share effective

Project It? In reality, the “cultural sharing” Despite the fact that the need to obtain a huge number of projects

Projector , But can say only a swift big “meat”, but absolutely not a “large fat.” Most of the sector well, although the absolute quantity of such huge single huge, but producers tend to bid the cost reported is relatively low, and the item good quality specifications are higher, demanding service, back to paragraph lengthy period. Enterprise income and not also higher, so couple of are prepared to Japanese brands in such

Tender Air Force spending. Higher profits in pursuit of these objectives
Projector Brand unwilling to participate, but the domestic brands are bored. In fact, several domestic brands is puerile way to go, initial open the marketplace, marketplace share, the profit on every machine, though tiny, but with the big sales, total income is very impressive. Of course, there are some industry share to enhance the delivery price trading at a loss of the brand.

Cultural sharing Project
The market place is wonderful, but the competition has grow to be much more brutal, not only to participate in value-cutting of the brand, but also fight the product high quality and services. Regardless of who desires a share in which, must have a robust will, and ready to fight a war of attrition.