Beijing Tap The Domestic Market place, Brand Positioning Difference Evaluation – Hardware, Faucet, Brand –

tags 1, the overall situation Many domestic makers tap root According to The strength of its company development approach and different, their orientation can be divided into 3 categories: high quality-seeking, general consumer, followers.

1, quality-seeking Wonderful concern that the top quality of the items of the enterprise’s own items, design put far more in the market, creating high-quality brand, Ya Ding is representative of these brands. According to Beijing Pin Sale marketplace analysis improvement, Ya Ding tap their items high quality handle in the degree of focus was drastically higher than other brands, and has its personal style idea and a sound design and style network series. The taps market place Winner of the 2007 IF Design and style Award in Germany, China Product Innovation Award in 2006, Ya Ding also won the title of most revolutionary companies. Product high quality, the Ya-ting high-good quality goods using the most brass, and Italy, Shui Ling, Germany, Prussia and other best spool, the Swiss original Niupo foaming device, the high quality warranty period of up to 10 years.

Higher good quality also determines the place of its selection of comparatively few distribution channels, the Beijing court Ya Ding Meikailong and other distribution channels only a couple of high-end creating materials industry only. Ya-ting item prices than other brands to the higher country, the basin top simple goods of the leading costs remain at among 700 to 1,200 yuan.

2, general consumer Represented by nine livestock brand tap a lot more of its merchandise for consumers, so the price tag is reasonably low. Beijing market JOMOO basin faucet item prices remaining at about 300 yuan, and even the price of some of the major basin under 200 yuan, whilst some of the leading brand of high-finish solution costs basin about 600 to 800 of rooms.

From brand awareness point of view, the nine, animal husbandry marketing coverage for the higher comfort of the consumers in nine livestock brand recognition. In addition, these organizations also have a specific top quality assurance, even though combined with its value advantage in the industry with robust competitiveness.

3, followers The biggest such enterprises in the market, represented by Arrow. In the course of our investigations the development of the rates of these companies located in the higher-finish items in tap low-expense goods, leading to Wrigley for instance, most of its basin faucet value between 600 to 900 yuan, significantly less than the pursuit of good quality in front of are animal husbandry, but also greater than the 9 to ordinary customer-oriented enterprises.

Distribution channels from the point of view, such enterprises are typically more sales channels, outlets, distributors, supermarket fliers store their optional channels. Also, since of its Distribution Troubles wide variety of buyers can contact the powerful brand awareness and consumer acceptability is fairly high.

Second, the conclusion Beijing taps Primarily based on our market research, although some firms have their personal resources according to set clear improvement of the enterprise development, but Beijing tap the marketplace as a complete is nonetheless in the majority of followers of the brand stage. Such organizations rely on brand recognition and a specific degree of diversification of sales channels to boost consumer awareness and accessibility. Even though this capacity is also an crucial manifestation of corporate competitiveness is 1, but the advantage compared to production expense positive aspects and economies of scale under the terms of this strategy is much more easily copied and fairly weak core competitiveness of enterprises.

For that reason, these followers need to be according to their own positive aspects and disadvantages of company to concentrate resources to strengthen this advantage and therefore formed the core competitiveness of enterprises in order to obtain long-term company momentum.