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tags Requirements of Chapter VIII of the list of goods and technical specifications.
The eligibility needs of bidders: 1, legal company license two, tax registration certificate three, legal representative of the energy of lawyer 4, the manufacturer’s qualification statement 5, distributors (as agent) qualification statement six, the manufacturer’s authorization 7, the bidder’s credit certification: Certified Public Accountants issued by the previous annual monetary audit report or credit certificate issued by a bank (bank deposits to be ineffective) eight, Social Safety funds to pay record 9, to participate in this activity ahead of the government procurement 3 years, in major illegal enterprise activities did not record a statement.

Qualification documents shall be a lot more than “tender documents” issued by the specific specifications.
Evaluation techniques and standards: Integrated evaluation of the project score. Out of 100 points: the cost of 45 points technologies 40 pledge ten functional policy three responsiveness to the bidding documents two points.

Extensive score points in the cost of unity approach with low priority, that meet the requirements of tender documents the tender price tag and the lowest price tag tender provide for the evaluation basis, the price tag point scale, the price tag of other bidders in accordance with sub-unity the following formula:

Bidding Score = (evaluation benchmark value / bid price tag) weight 100 price
Score element scores above and the total score for the assessment, evaluation the highest scoring bidders productive candidate suppliers, followed by a productive option suppliers. Score the same, according to the tender offer from low to higher order. The identical score and the tender supply, according to technical indicators in order of merits.

Totally free download tender documents procedures: 1, apply for CA certificate Please pay a visit to the Beijing Municipal Government Procurement Center Network ( Search “CA Certificate” section, in accordance with the procedures requested.

two, cost-free download tender documents Get CA certificate, please log in Beijing, the bottom appropriate of the Government Procurement Center Residence Page “unit CA User Login” section and “download bid” column, you can download tender documents and tendering technique.

Free of charge download the tender period: from the date of the tender documents issued within 5 days.

Note: the prescribed time limit, the need to have to receive tender documents please speak to the project leader.

Inquiry, the standard Time: November 19, 2007 ten:00 am (Beijing time)
Inquiry, the standard location: the second opening of Beijing Workplace of Government Procurement Center
Inquiry, the regular components: the “tender document” Technical and commercial element of the Q-internet site.

Deadline for submitting bids, bid opening time: at half past nine on December five, 2007 (Beijing time)

Tender opening Location: opening the Beijing Municipal Government Procurement Centre, Hall
Note: The use of electronic bidding technique of evaluation, the bidder should submit electronic bidding program, U disk (soon after the return data import). Tender units to download tender documents, and download the “e-Tender Supply fill in” the WORD document and the production of a tender offer you needed the use of “e-Tender Supply Template” EXCEL file. Please comprehensive the technique statement in accordance with the tender unit fill in the correct application of the template EXCEL e-tender offer you documents, save in the submission of the U disk, as necessary, individually sealed, along with the tender documents submitted.

Project Leader: Lu Jia Ming Tel: 010-88488621 Fax: 010-88488634 E-Mail: [email protected]
Address: Beijing Municipal Government Procurement Center (West Ring Road, Haidian District, Xintai Building, No. 9 B, second floor)

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