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tags Panasonic PT-BX20 is a current listing of a new item to replace the BX10 Projector , The aircraft maintained a predecessor outstanding dust properties, brightness, boost drastically to 3200 lumens, as of finish user education and demanding business users a new selection. Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. of Deyang Peoples ahead of this month had been out this Panasonic PT-BX20 Christmas promotion, the single cost reduction, not only from 9,800 yuan to 9,200 yuan, will now acquire 120 inch electric screen with the remote handle leaves gifts, Lifting and also gives free of charge house delivery service.

Panasonic PT-BX20 Panasonic PT-BX20 extended series of models with this design, the physique size of 368 233 88mm, weighs about two.96kg. Panasonic PT-BX20 use 3L CD Panel, the common resolution of 1024 768, the use of a 220WUHM light bulbs, make it up to 3200 lumens of brightness, whilst up to 3000 hours lamp life. Shot Side with f18.five-22.18mm wide-angle lens, three meters in about one hundred-inch projection screen. Panasonic PT-BX20

using advanced dust-proof structure design and style, it is a seamless operation panel with touch-sensitive control buttons, lens and concentrate, zoom side has been blocked with a protective cover to a complete-size chassis to within the protection of the projector from the dust of. Meanwhile, the electrostatic filter also makes use of a micro-particle dust material, to achieve far more effective dust effects, this can meet the demanding educational atmosphere.

BX series as a member of Panasonic, PT-BX20 also has a direct energy-off protection, actual-time automatic keystone correction function, and only 29dB for quiet and the back of the replacement of light bulbs and numerous other human style. The focus right here is the machine must be equipped with a Panasonic HD-particular compensation “fourth generation light sensing technologies”, it can be bright in the surrounding environment to additional enhance the visual effects, Panasonic projector compared to the prior color saturation a substantial enhance, and complementary and high brightness, obtained a great visual impact.

Panasonic PT-BX20 Kinds of transportable organization projector projection LCD projector technologies sorts and specifications .63 “(16mm) transmissive LCD panels 3 nominal brightness (ISO lumens) 3200 common resolution 1024 768 Contrast Ratio 500:1 Lens Manual zoom Projection (1 :1-1: 1.2), manual concentrate (F1.65-1.93, f18.five-22.18mm) projection screen size of 33-300 inches Projection Distance 1.1-ten.5 wireless projector screen features a 4:three aspect ratio of cases do not assistance the input terminals video input (RCA 1), S-Video input (mini DIN4 pin 1), audio input (RCA L / R 1, M3 stereo), RGB input (D-subHD 15 pin 2, RGB input 2 and output share), serial output terminal RGB output (D-sub HD15 pin 1), audio output M3 (Stereo) 1 Energy 300W (Standby mode: 4W) 220W UHM lamp life of 3000 hours normal lamp fitting energy cord, power cord security Lock, VGA cable, soft carrying bag, remote handle (with Battery ) Other characteristics dustproof structure design, the fourth generation of light-sensing technologies, the window index, the direct power-off protection, anti-theft design Dimensions furlongs 368 233 88mm Weight two.96kg

Comments: Overall performance has been enhanced, this is a new Panasonic PT-BX20 BX series essential attraction, built on a a lot more transportable camera body has a higher overall performance as far as possible, which take into account the various applications, such as want to move Office Also on the top quality of the projector has a higher demand. Panasonic PT-BX20 present listing already has a substantial than the diving, and now the value of 2,600 lumens of BX10 with a thousand dollars in order to decrease the years, but considering the dealer promotional gifts and services, practically no gap among the two, and to is also apparent near BX10 will cut prices on.

Panasonic PT-BX20: 9200 yuan (including tax, delivery leaves 120 inch electric screen + remote manage, free home delivery + lifting of urban solutions)